Here is the introduction of NHK repealing label (NHK撃退シール). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

(any language is acceptable, but basically English and Japanese language is the common one. For another languages, I will use the google translator for interpretation)


About the NHK repealing label (for free)

“The party protecting the citizen from NHK” (yellow label)

We are providing a magic label which avoid the NHK contractor, where you would put it. Moreover, NHK would rarely sue you even if you would not pay the license fee. At least, this label would minimize your risk for lawsuit from NHK (nearly equal zero%).


Why NHK would not come, when you will put the NHK repealing label?

All NHK contractors have been cheating (explanation with lie) and/or doing criminal actions


・You do not have to pay the license fee for the past, but you should pay “since today” (violating Broadcasting Act Article 64 (2))

・If you will not exchange the agreement today, you will be in great trouble (the person who will be in trouble is NHK contractors. Where NHK contractor can not win the agreement, they will be fired. Literally, it is the same for you, if you would exchange the agreement today or 10 years later.

・NHK contractors sometimes put their foot into the door, in order to interrupt you to close the door (Violating Criminal law: Intimidation (Article 222) or breaking into a residence (Article 130)).

・Ambushing you in front of your residence (Violating the Annoyance prevention regulations)

・NHK contractor will never leave although you will clearly state “You should leave” (Violating Criminal law: Article 130)

・Ringing the bell repeatedly (Violating the Annoyance prevention regulations)

All of above-mentioned examples, these are the lies and/or criminal actions.


Since 2013, “The party protecting the citizen from NHK” are recording (both picture and voice) such criminal actions of NHK contractors, and publishing that via Youtube. NHK contractors are afraid that citizen will call to “The party protecting the citizen from NHK”, that’s why they would not visit the house that is putting NHK repealing label.


NHK is ordering to the NHK contractors, “Never visit the residence, where there is the NHK repealing label”.

Where the NHK contractor will visit you even though you are putting NHK repealing label, please feel free to call immediately to us (the party protecting the citizen from NHK). We promise we will get them out from your residence.



03-3696-0740 (+81 3 3696 0740)

090-3350-0267 (+81 90 3350 0267)

Working from 10:00 till 23:00) (those hotline is available for both Saturday and Sunday)

(Just for your information, the operators would/may confused if English speaker would contact. So, at this moment, I recommend you to state "you should leave" to the NHK contractors, then please send the e-mail to us. If the NHK contractor would not leave, it is recommended to call the police.)


If you wish to get the NHK repealing label

Please send your address, name and phone number to


If you are not able to submit the e-mail

Please contact via phone and inform us your name, phone number.


We will post you the NHK repealing label via snail mail.