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The lake, rain on the lake there, splashes a blossoming white small splash, leaping, appears to be so cheerful. Great Salt Lake, there are several like open hole like, forming a distinctive blue ribbon, very spectacle. On both sides of the path, around the around, the towering palm trees, a wild profusion of vegetation of trees, and the patches of grass, after rain washed, more clean, bright and green. The air is filtered, like to like, especially to clean, I not from drew a long breath, suddenly feel fresh the warm gentle rain. Of them, with the wind before, hit the beat, the umbrella surface. Park, and occasionally see a few people, but the rain銜接澳洲, very quiet.

Not far from the ferry terminal, a car ferry is docked, cars and people were less than usual, many noisy, terminal board shaped the waiting room, occasionally some passengershair loss treatment.

The bay where, along the wharf side, the other side of the sea shore parked, big and small boats, like the rest Xi, on the surface of the sea, in addition to the two ferry pier two in between the sea, and slowly, still visible two fishing boats in operation, and one in Feishi in the yacht. At this moment, came a burst of huge whistle, a 10000 ton ship slowly into the harbour. The calm sea, instantly aroused waves, the waves rolling by the breeze, Fanzhuo foaming at the mouth, like a leucorrhea shoreward advancesmartone.

The sky is grey, to black clouds masked. Occasionally a flash, bright bursts of dreary thunder came from far away, light rain still intermittent underground.