Recently, some friends asked me, why I'm into blogging now? And why did I started to blog?

Lol, when attended Clarins event two ladies there were asking me about this too. Well, I started blogging because I was inspired by Fifi that time. I love her FOTD and her make up, and decided to make one too because it looks so fun. However, I was studied fashion school then, so I was on a really long hiatus because for me my school is more important than blogging. (/ / / ∇ / /)

It was my dream to study fashion since I was a kid (-^□^-). So, after graduated from fashion school, I was making costume and practiced to make clothes. And I was planning the concept for my brand, while took a break too. lol, I was started to bloggin again, because I have free time to do it.

At the first time, I love to share my FOTD, however as time goes by, my intention changed. I love to sharing my experience, that's it. I'm blogging to share my make up experience, tips, and what I know about products and of course my thoughts. Although I know, my english isn't good and I need more practise in writing but I still keep going with what I do!
I was so surprised back then, many people read my blog and found my blog was helpful to them. That makes me happy and want to write more often until now ^^. Although, few haters is show up and kinda make me down that time, but I'm okay now, all my bloggers friends were really nice and support me! Now, I'm more stronger than before!!! (`∀´) NO one can bring me down again, because I don't care about it anymore. I still have many friends who still love me. (* ⌒ ∇ ⌒ *)

And then, some company were approached me to review their products such as contact lens, fake lashes and etc. I was happy to help reviewing and glad because I really love contact lens and started to addicted with false lashes. I even want to design my own false lashes because I really love it.

Last week, I was invited by 3 beauty events in Indonesia. Ha! Started to get more commercial? Not really, I just come because I think it was a good experience and nice information for my readers and since I was invited, I must come if I could. It was great to meet new people too and trying new products. It was a nice experience for me and I really appreciated their invitation.
Although, I'm not really close with other bloggers on the event, because I rarely attending an event like this but that's okay. It was fun too, to see them really excited each other. lol
And you know, I can't really get along with new people, I always look like I'm in my own world. haha maybe some people think I'm weird or cocky, awh whatever~ >m<, I'm such a loner though. /._.\

And I never think my blog is popular at all.. lmao, Because, basically I blog because I love to share things with my readers and friends. I never think that Blogging was for Fame. I love sharing, that's all. It's like a reward to me if many people reading my blog ^o^, I'm so happy.

About Fame, For what? I know many people are into this. But, what I love about blogging is, to share my beauty experience with other people and I was glad if someone read it and find it helpful. That's all.(*^o^*)

And for a sponsored products and invitation by Brand I've got, I think that was a bonus for my hard work and my time for writing all of the posts. So, for all my sponsors and beauty brand who had invited me, I want to say thank you so much ^^ for the opportunity you gave me. (*^ー^)ノ

Enough about blogging, what a long boring post I know. (like someone actually read it! ROFL XD XD XD )

Update about my brand, I want to make a clothing label for my clothes but unfortunately the company was replying me to slow. So, I need to wait for a little more longer. And I'm still lookin for a tailor for my workshop. Everything is going well, it just a little more SLOW but it's okay (=⌒▽⌒=)v.
I've make a collection and need to buy the same fabric again for the rest design, maybe this week I'll go to a Fabric store again to stock some cute fabrics for my design. o(^-^)o

I want to make a paypall!!!! I need to learn it first, I'm thinking to ship world wide too, maybe someone will be interested to purchase my brand ._.)v

About false lashes line that I want to produced, it still a secret. LOL I just hope that it's going well.. but, it's not easy. Really.( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Need more hard work to reach my dream!!
My 1st dream is done, "Study fashion school"
My 2nd dream is still on going, "Have my own clothing brand"
My 3rd dream, *secret* LMAO.

The reason why I separated my daily life with my blog on is because I want to separate my reviews and my daily life. That blog, is just for beauty and cute things from now. I don't want to write a long boring story like this There, LMAO XD XD.

Just read this blog if you want to know about my daily life. ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ
Thank you so much ^^, I;m happy with what I've got now.. everything! ♥