Mineo Yamamoto will exhibit his original fish print at his friend's exhibition which will be held from Sunday afternoon 2nd October till Saturday 8th October in Tokyo

現代美術魚拓研究会 結成35周年 記念 魚拓展示会「一魚一会」



Not available to buy Gyotaku (Fish printing ) oil based color inks and materials at any art shop in world.

But only Mineo Yamamoto,Japanese fish printer artist make and

will sell it! He made 10 set of the ink today. will not make more it.

Limited 10 set of inks available in this year.


Mineo Yamamoto had a talk with Dr.Tunemi Kubodera,National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo about Giant squid fish printing.
Dr.Kubodera had a chat show regarding seek truth of Giant squid.
We won applause from audience of 200.
Many young children in the audience asked the speaker questions.