There are many classic watches in the collection of IWC Portuguese. They are the most famous timekeepers of IWC. With complicated and accurate movements, unique and advanced functions and classic designs, these timepieces are loved by most people. The accurate movements which are complicated and advanced are the most obvious feature of IWC replica watches uk . Even though most of the movements are automatic instead of quartz, they are still accurate with Pellaton winding systems. The movements are complicated as well. Most of the timepieces of this collection are multi-functional. As we know, a multi-functional timekeeper must be powered by a complicated movement. Vibrating for more than 10, 0 00 vph, their movements are outstanding. Because of these movements, they are all powered reserved for a very long time such as 7 days or even more. The functions of the watches of this collection are all advanced. Only manufacturers who are skilled and experienced can create timepieces with these functions such as minute repeater, tourbillon, moon phase etc. These timepieces can only be made with high technology and excellent skills. Some of the functions are even unique. The function of moon phase is a good example.

Almost all of the Portuguese timepieces of IWC are practical with these advanced functions. The classic design is another outstanding feature of these timekeepers. Their designs are neither luxurious nor fashionable. On the contrary, they are all classy with their own designs: round faces, colors which are not too bright yet classic such as white gold, red gold, rose gold etc, polished cases and bezels, leather straps or metal bracelets etc. They are neither too large nor too small with a size which suits most people. The designs are all graceful and nice as well. Perhaps they are not that eye-catching without extremely glamorous gemstones. Yet their designs will surely impress people. The iwc replica watches uk will be introduced here. It is a very elegant timepiece with a classy look. It has four sub-dials which display moon phase, date, month and day of the week. The blue dial of this replica watches uk is graceful with the blue flame.

The Calibre 51613 automatic movement vibrates 21, 600 vph per hour. Power reserved for 7 days, that is to say, 168 hours, it is very convenient for wearing. With the complications of day, date, day of week, month, moon phase and four digit year, this is a very good perpetual calendar timepiece. Of course it has the basic function of telling people hours and minutes. The calendar tells the wearer accurate time until February 28, 2100! The case of this timepiece is made of red gold or white gold. Both of the two versions look nice. It features a sapphire case back which is transparent. The case size is 44. 2 mm. And it is 14. 00 mm high. The white gold hands are slim and beautiful. With a folding clasp with the material of 18 carat red gold, the dark brown alligator leather strap is eye-catching. This is a very good timepiece for businessmen or other men to wear for work. With such a great perpetual calendar watch, people won't forget the date and day any more.
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