Happy days~♪

Happy days~♪


Hi! I am Cintya!о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Emi and Lea are doing a cute giveway!

Please check them out and enter~

$Happy days~♪-g

I've got half an hour to go until I have to get up and get ready for work and so I'm gonna spend the time to make a list of things to definitely get while in Japan てへ
It's not gonna be a huge list since I won't have as much money this time なみだ

Ok Firstly!
A fur tippet from earth music & ecology
$Happy days~♪-fur
I've been drooling over this tippet for some time now and decided to get it when I'm over there キラキラ

Next it's

A Panasonic Day Moist Nano Care Face Steamer thingy!笑
$Happy days~♪-nano
Well originally I wanted to get the night steamer but it seems to be doing the same thing so I'll just get this and steam myself at night and hopefully get さらさら hair!キラキラ Goodbye my frizzy hair!!おんぷ

Thirdly (and lastly... for now?)

Reebok Easytone sneakers
$Happy days~♪-e
I'm planning to go for walks in the mornings if I'm not doing anything~~ It'll be freezing though so I hope to stay motivated 汗

And that is all~ Wハート Not a big list like normal but the last two items are quite pricey 苦笑 I also want to get a モッズコート while over there~ Been wanting one for aaaages but I could never find a perfect one here ぼーぜん So hopefully I'll be able to grab one in the sales in Tokyo ラブ

Also I got a new phone yesterday~~ A Nokia e71!!きゃ But the sim card is still not working so I guess there was nothign wrong with the LG phone afterall... Oo well! New phone!! てへ

Aaaand it's 10:56am now! Just in time for work!! Cya all~おんぷ