~Merry Xmas~


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It's Xmas Time~~~

I see pictures of my friend Juli who currently lives in Japan, and all I can say is....


Here we are almost in SUMMER, and it is so HOT!! プンプン

People here are getting ready to visit their families for the holidays, or to taketheir families to spend Xmas along the sea, or in the "mountains"...

This year I'm staying at home with my boyfriend... maybe we can make it a very Romantic Evening... or maybe not...

I am so scared of the fireworks... my two cats get very scared of them... Last year they hid under the bed the whole night... しょぼん

Honestly, I love fireworks, but the cute ones, with lights and colours, not the noisy ones... Well all of them are noisy... heheh...
But what's the point of buying a lot on NOISY non flashing ugly BOMBS/fireworks...???
I just don't get it....

I have a lot of things to do tomorrow...! I am not sure if the stores are gonna open on Xmas day... So I better buy enough food for me, boyfriend and cats before Xmas!~~

Like I said before in facebook, I am not buying presents for anyone this year...
I am not rich hehe...~~ So I just sent a few postcards to my family via mail, and that's it!

Although I have been a very bad girl during this whole 2011, I have received a lot of gifts! Not only for Xmas, but I will show a few small presents I received this year!~

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ちょこ姫~さん  のブログちょこ姫~さん  のブログ
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

ドキドキHello Kitty X Nozomi Tsuji Cellphone Strap, a present from Chibi from her trip to Japan~~
ドキドキHair Extension a simple bang, gift from Vicky~~
ドキドキA gorgeous B-day card in the shape of Hello Kitty a gift from my friend Peiya while she was in Taiwan~~
ドキドキA Coffee machine with many different coffee flavors...! A gift from my Boyfriend, who knows I LOVE COFFEE!~~~

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ドキドキTwo gorgeous Hello Kitty charms~ Peiya brought these for me from Taiwan, she says they are part of a huge HK collection...they are over 100 different charms to collect!~~ O.o
ドキドキNext, face masks for beautiful skin~ They smell like roses, so refreshing! I love the packaging and the way Hello Kitty herself EXPLAINS HOW TO USE the mask... or in this case, WHEN to use it..~~ So cute!~~
ドキドキFinally, a not so fabulous striped dress from Zara... An autogift... for my, from me~~

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ドキドキA lovely parfum, gift from Vicky~
ドキドキA Cecil McBee shopping bag, gift from a girl who I bought clothes online from..~~
ドキドキA pair of mugs/coffee cups I got as a present after a show for the Korean Football Asociation in Buenos Aires..~~
ドキドキAn awesome 2012 Kpop Calendar I got from the Korean Cultural Center because of my participation in the Kpop Contest 2011~

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I got A LOT of gifts from Umi~~~ Umi believes in my good side... she is encouraging me to be good using gifts... hehehe

A strapless drees, a winter Shirt, a Chanel handbag, a white cardigan, a Gorgeous (AND EXPENSIVE) headband with a bow from Delaostia, a gorgeous (and usefull) lenscase, cellphone charms, a bling bling kitty necklace and a cute pair of long earrings...~~

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ドキドキA lovely postcard from Juli in Japan~~
ドキドキA LV Bag from my boyfriend (not an original LV hehehe)
ドキドキKenzo Amour White and DKNY Fresh Blossom fragrances~~ Love Them both~
ドキドキHello Kitty Make up pouch, a gift from Wity, after she came back from Europe~~

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ドキドキLovely Decoden pieces~ Handmade by my friend Antares~ She has an online store: Ai Candies~~
ドキドキA shiny lipbalm/gloss!~ This is a present from another girl whom I bought clothes from...~
Next, two gifts by Lauly~
ドキドキA Nail deco Set, with EVERYTHING to decorate nails...
ドキドキAnd a set of cute stamps~ They are in korean~ I have used them more than once~~

Finally~~ I present to you.... My Christmas Tree~~

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My Two Santa Claus...ses?

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And a final present I bought for myself... I think I deserve it... heheh

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Hopefully after the Xmas celebration I'll go out with a friend or two to PARTYYYYY~~~ And get drunk HO HO HO!~~

Merry Xmas~~