I used to think Gardening was only for old ladies.... パンチ!

Well....I might be starting to show my old lady side...


I recently started to love gardening....

I have planted a few seeds, and now they are growing well...! That meakes me very happy~~

ON the other hand... Flowers are not my best friends... I think the beautiful white Orchid my boyfriend gave me for Spring, is about to die...

I think it was because of too much watering at the beginning... well... I wasn't an expert in Orchid Care....

Let's pray for it to remain alive, and keep blooming!

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So.. I planted some Arugula / Rúcula seeds and they IMMEDIATELY started to grow! Just like magic!!!チョキ

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

Then I planted my small cactuses in a bigger plantpot and they are growing too~~ チョキ
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Finally I decided to try with watermelon seeds.... There were no changes for like 4or 5 days, and I thought they would never grow....

However 3 of them suddenly started to grow!~~ And now they are quite big, biggerthan the picture!チョキ

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I am thinking about getting a bigger pot for it, so in a couple of months maybe, I will be eating baby watermelons...

Ahhh so happy~~~

The old lady in me....

I have also been taking care of my cat's grass plants... they love to eat them... I do not know why...

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And sometimes I enjoy giving myself a present of flowers... In this case I chose baby roses....ブーケ1

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So pinkish red and beautiful...~~ キラキラ

However, I hate when people give ME flowers....I love to buy them, but not to receive them as gifts...

Old lady again....heheheメガネ