Japanese Garden Event!

As usual, our dance group was invited to one of the monthly events held at the Buenos Aires Japanese Garden.

We prepared a few special performances, including one that was my whole idea...! heheh I had to credit myself....

I just came up with this idea about making a mix about things you can eat slash drink .... It turned out to be very funny and we all collaborated with the choreographies, including Rin who created the dance moves for Vodka and Lauly Sama who created the one for Sushy Hushy Girl, cause we didn't like the original ones...!

My boyfriend was there too...I guess he got bored.... It was such a hot day! We were exhausted!!!

Some pictures and videos...!

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-Me On stage
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-On Stage
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-Me before going out on stage
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-Caramell dansen
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-Lauly n me
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-Dancin
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ-Secrets with Rin
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

Some videos!

Anime School Mix

Food Mix

Natsumo 2008 - Special performance original by Parazoo - Natsumonogatari 2008

We don't own the audio! We just mixed some of the songs together. The last one was inspired on the special performance by Parazoo on Natsumonogatari DVD 2008.