I actually never wrote about this...

We (Hyper Starlight) were invited by Samsung Argentina to perform at their private party, celebrating new year.

We prepared a special Sonyoshidae mix including


*Show Show Show

*Run Devil Run

*Into the new world

We had a great time! We could eat and drink as much as we wanted, so by the end of the night we were almost drunk, except for Flor....heheh

We weren't supposed to film our performance, so we used a cell phone to record the performance.

Next, a few pictures and of course the video performance, in crappy quality...!

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

Me and Lauly-Sama

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

Lauly-Sama She's so hot!!!!

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

Lauly-Sama posing with HongTak!~~ Aren't they both cute?