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Them nhan xét cong khai

I read this syrup novel of max barry when i was working as a security guard in boracay year 2009.. its lovely and there something exciting while you reading it.. i was suprised with this movie.. i just watch it now and its turns me back in time.. its a great catch to see this.👍😉 thank you..☺☺☺.

Kapan keluar HD.nya di google???

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All the Boys love Mandy Lane

i like Nikola tesla


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Probably biting his nails off now.


Appeal shock grave normally workshop gesture smoke bill space classical basketball.


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I wish Netflix had rentals and it would just come off my bill that would be great
I've just watched this movie. Why did Annie look so scared and drop the relationship the instant she saw Tucker's grand-daughter? I mean it's not her daughter and she wouldn't be involved that much if she didn't want!! It just seemed odd that there was an instant shift away from a couple who get along amazingly to this sudden shift in mood. EDIT: Never mind, I wasn't paying attention and missed a 30s scene off in the distance where she says that Jackson has to be with his mother and Tucker has to be with the Jackson. I like to imagine she just immigrates some time in the future, doesn't seem like any big need for her to stay in the UK..

I want her to blow smoke in my face....

Че за хуйня?



This looks awful. Amber Heard is smarter than this in my opinion. Sadly she keeps getting type casted.


johnny depp??
Eu quero assisti de graça e dublado em português 😲 👍 é excelente! !😂
i hate amber heard!