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What's the song
bagus nian oo teharu aku nontonnyo😭😭


ผมไปอัพยาบ่อยครับ. ตำรวจไม่กล้าเข้าไปตรวจ. เป็นหนึ่งในที่อัพยายอดฮิต.
So no one's bothered that no Armenians are starring in a movie about the Armenian genocide? No? Just me?


Anyone know the song from this movie ? The song which lb played.


King of the North!


I'll have to look for it. If it involves suicide I'd expect it to be a little dramatic, but I totally get what you're saying.
I really enjoyed the movie. Constant twists and turns. Never would have imagined the ending. A must see movie for people who love suspense and being scared senseless.

ไมไม่ทุบทิ้งอะ หนักโลก5555



I just remembered a thing from history I did not put in post. Native American Indians. So as Americans are we supposed to come away hating Armenians - or Turks. Who are we supposed to hate nowadays - so many people to hate - so little time to hate every group they want us to. Please - just to me who to hate - and I will..

Fantastic musical score. Love it!

goot story, scary stuff, touching scenes, thailand is so damn good at making horror movies.



Severus Snape meet Robb Stark.....

this is the first movie where the ghost did not torment the person that is trying to help them and they did not kill ppl that did nothing to them.

Robb stark always getting in trouble for vagina he shouldn't have.

เจ้าของติดคุกไปแล้ว แล้วทำไมกทม.ไม่ทุกตึกนี้ทิ้ง เก็บไว้ทำไม
46ชั้น!! สำหรับกุนี่คือ ตั้งแคมป์อยู่3วันอ่ะกว่ากุจะถึงชั้น 46
cuma suka ama OST nya sih :D. Melly Goeslaw kalau udah bikin lagu, pasti bagus
Justice to #Armenian people will prevail, if not this generation then in the next but the souls of 1.5M innocent Victims will get justice!