Tadaaaaaa!!!!! I found my old blog!! Hahaha!

I guess I can have some where special to update from now on ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Dear, idk if you will read through all my posts, or just browse through only. Haha you may find stuff you don't like, I don't know. But it's all in the past and I've purged most of the posts too あせる

$ChikuXChiku★-Couple tee
couple teeeeee!

Anyway, this is a public platform, for me to tell the whole world that I LOVE YOU! and yeah it's not protected so anyone can see this. Hurhur. But it's a pretty rare platform, and it's in Japanese soooo good luck with navigating hahah! にひひ

$ChikuXChiku★-Hard rock

Even though it's only been a few days, it feels like it's been a long time. I want to hurry up and see you!!

Love you hubby. I really really do. I'm sorry for making you insecure, and I honestly don't mean to do it on purpose. I hope you can understand that I wanna be the best for you. I reeeeeaally hope you are willing to put up with me as I grow and mature.

Thank you for doing so many things for me. I feel extremely blessed to have you by my side. Throughout this whole time you have been nothing but sincere to me, and I want you to know that I appreciate it 200%! ドキドキ

No matter where I meet you, see you, or talk to you..I somehow feel lucky.

Things like...
picking me up from my place
Driving down at 12am to pass me Ben&Jerry ice cream
Always being earlier than me
Never wanting to waste a minute with me
Watching the movies I wanna watch
Walking everywhere with me
Playing at a park at night (laughs)
Kissing me every time I look up at you
Holding my hand
Helping me carry my bag when it's not too girly
Spoiling me rotten (kekekekeke)
Spending the whole day by my side while I was sick
Texting me cute messages
Sending me all those cute love/goodnight/goodmorning pictures
Helping me check Score hahahahahhahahaa
Watching out for me
Nagging (I know it's for my own good)
Making me your #1 priority

Well, thank you for loving me for me.


Our path doesn't look easy but I hope you'll never give up and fight by my side to make us work (:

See you in the morning for breakfast~ (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞラブラブ

The Fever Chronicles

This is so epic that I absolutely HAVE to record in down in my blog...

So after working for 6months, I have been converted to full time! I'm in shock, yes incredibly happy! However what the recruitment agency handling me for the past 6months failed to inform me was that the leave that I was given, could not be carried over. I DID ask them prior to joining, should I be converted, if the leave could be carried over? And she said yes...

However after being confirmed, they of course sang a different tune which made me really upset... see, I wanted to save my leave for my birthday, as well as other events....

So in a way, I was 'forced' to clear my leave before end of April. And I thought, heck, why not just have a good rest? Go out and have fun, do what I want to do! Meet up with my friends, eat good food and catch movies!

Then came the Fever Chronicles.

How ironic is it, how COINCIDENTAL, could I be stricken by a fever RIGHT SMACK during my leave??

Here's the good part. My leave is for 8 days. Including Off days.

I was sick for 6 out of 8 days.

I mean COME ON LA...... fever also at most 3 days and you're good to go right? WRONG!

This virus, is so fucking POTENT, it came with cough, sore throat and a fucking annoying fever that went UP AND DOWN.

Thursday was the start of my leave, which I spent at home resting up.

Friday, being Good Friday, I went to church and then had a shoot with Jimmy, Eclair and Miyu before going for dinner with Jon, Amanda, Clair, Miyu and Jimmy.

And then at night the terror hit.

I was out for Saturday, and Sunday.

By Sunday I couldn't take it anymore because my fever was about 38.6 degrees. Self medication and taking panadol regularly didn't help. Sweating it out and sleeping like the dead DID NOT help either. Can you believe it? On Sat, out of 24 hours, I probably slept for 20 hours, only awake to take medicine, change clothes and concuss and sweat out the sickness again.


And which bloody doctor was open on a SUNDAY? Had to go to a freaking which I ended up paying $60++ for panadol, cough mix and lozenges that don't help.

And guess what? The medicine DID help for a bit....... like a few hours. Because a mere 2-3 hours after I awoke, the fever would come back. And i'd do the WHOLE routine of h20+sweat it out AGAIN and the fever would go down...only to return AGAIN.

I swear, I have NEVER in my LIFE felt so irritated, disgusted, angry and pathetic EVER.

It was only on Weds, that I managed to get out of the house, to at least get out and catch a show with my boy....

It was only a few hours...........

And I returned home with a fucking fever.

It's Thursday and the fever has subsided, just like I predicted. The Fever will only go down on my LAST day of leave so I can start work again.

I don't know man. out of 8 days I probably only enjoyed 1.5days.

CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW FUCKED UP THIS IS?! And best thing? The one who spread the cough to me is in denial. Not that I wanna push blame but HEY. This entire fucking virus started with the cough that developed into fever.

Now my throat feels like a bitch but I sound fine. I wonder how the fuck I'm gonna survive tomorrow.

8 days gone..just like that. All eaten by this fucking virus. You have absolutely, NO IDEA..what I would give, to turn back the clock and MAKE sure that I didn't fall sick...

No idea absolutely how ROTTEN I feel, not being able to enjoy myself AT ALL.. after 6 months of hard work.

Best of all? I'm gonna go back to work feeling worse than ever because of the sore throat.




My favorite vocalist of all time, amongst all the Jrock artistes! Ruki is by far, the best vocalist who can be so incredibly adorable, dorky & sexy at the same time! buipbuip!

stay sexy and wonderful, eat Kai's cooking more often and lots of love from your fan~[みんな:01]


愛してる! :DD