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Smiths Chips And Twinings Tea – Fodder For Tired Workers Some business owners are loathe to spend money on office supplies, particularly on things such as the Smiths chips and Twinings tea that so many workers love. While it is true that these items are privileges for workers and businesses are certainly not required to provide such luxuries, the advantages of providing such items far outweigh the relatively low cost of purchasing them. There is an old wives tale that eating makes a person feel sleepy because the blood supply is directed to the stomach, depriving the brain of the precious oxygen carried in the blood and thereby making a person feel sleepy after eating. While it is true that the stomach is more active after eating, any effect that this might have on the flow of blood in the body is more than offset by the sugar entering the bloodstream. These sugars are converted into energy, which is just what a person needs when feeling sleepy.Smiths chips are particularly good to perk up tired workers because they also have a high salt content. The sensation of salt on the tongue has been shown by various studies to provide a rousing effect,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, as opposed to sweet food items. Moreover, chips are made of potatoes, which have a high starch content, which then translates to high sugar content once it has been digested in the stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream. The added sugar provides energy for the body and brain, making tired workers feel less tired and more focused on their assigned tasks.Twinings tea, on the other hand,Cheap Oakley Eyepatch 2 Sunglasses, is a particularly good drink to have in the office pantry for several reasons. First and foremost, many workers love it because of the excellent taste. Tea is unlike coffee in that its taste is light and more refreshing than coffee, and greater numbers of office workers are turning to tea as their drink of choice instead of coffee. Coffee is well known as the drink of choice for tired workers looking for something to help them stay awake. This is due to the caffeine that is present in the coffee, which is a stimulant and helps to revive a tired brain. Tea, however, contains caffeine as well. In fact, tea contains a greater concentration of caffeine per unit than coffee. Coffee tends to have a harsher effect on the body than tea, and it is more prone to causing those who drink coffee to become jittery and nervous. Tea has a more soothing effect, and for this reason, having tea in the office pantry can help increase workers’ productivity and efficiency.With the right supplier to purchase office supplies from,Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, business owners need not worry about exorbitant costs when purchasing Smiths chips, Twinings tea, and any other essential office supply item. The benefits of having such supplies available to workers in the office far outweigh the costs, and in some cases, such as with toilet paper, not providing such supplies is simply not an option.

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