• 28 Feb
    • LINGO Cooking Club 2/25

      Good evening to our Readers!!How are you today? It's a little cold out still but Spring is in the air!!!!On Saturday, the LINGO Cooking Club members got together and made a seasonal special called "Strawberry Dessert". We used 3 packs of さちのか strawberries!!!!We crushed, we sliced, we measured, we mixed, we whipped, we beat and finally we were almost done!!After pouring over the final layer, we placed our Strawberry Dessert into the fridge to set. The finished product was this:My personal preference is to use graham wafer crumbs for the base for this recipe, but today we used the standard recipe and used pretzels. The salty crunchy pretzel crust is a nice match for the sweet creamy middle later and the top jelly layer but, it depends what you like.Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday. I hope you try this recipe again sometime. Maybe next time with graham crackers.Have a great week!!Maya

  • 20 May
    • Today's Cooking Club!!

      Good evening to our Readers!!Hello!! How's it going? It's finally Friday today. Does anyone have any plans for the weekend?I have a full schedule tomorrow. If you'd still like to join Mayaと学ぶ and Lady's Chat, there's still room for 2 more people.Today, was the very first time we had Cooking Club at our new location. Thank you very much for coming A.T, M.T, I.N, M.N., and Y.T.!! Our Quiche Lorraine turned out perfectly.It was a simple but delicious combination of bacon, onion and cheese. Wow, it was reallllllllllly good!! For those of you who couldn't join, maybe next time!! Next year!!Have a good weekend!!!Maya

  • 26 Jun
    • Carrot Cake おいしかったよ~~~


  • 27 Feb
    • アップルそぼろ??

      みなさん、こんにちは。今日はクッキングラブでApple Crispを作りました。ところでCrisp(クリスプ)と聞いてどんなイメージをもちますか?Crispは英語でだとpleasantly hard and dry (歯ごたえよくさくっとした食感のよさ)という意味になるのですが↑↑Crispの意味と似た単語でクッキーなどが「ポロポロと細かくほぐれる」という意味の単語C_ _ M_ _ Eさて何でしょうか?!今日のクッキングクラブのときに出てきました!正解は、Crumbleです!今日の生徒さんは「そぼろ!」と表現していました。たしかにボロボロする食べものってそぼろですよね。クッキングクラブとても楽しかったです。今日はお越しいただき本当にありがとうございました!!

  • 15 Jan
    • Book Clubで本を読もう!Chicken Soup for the Soul

      みなさん、こんにちは。昨日から平日Book Clubが再スタートしました。1冊目の「Anne of Green Gables (赤毛のアン)」を読み終えた次は「Chicken Soup for the Soul (こころのチキンスープ)」をテキストとして読み進めております。このBook Clubは毎週集まって先生と一緒に英語の本を読んでいくというクラブです。本を読むとボキャブラリーも増え単語やフレーズが実際にどう使われているか生の例にも触れられるので英語の勉強法にとってもオススメです!先生と一緒に読んでいくので質問がすぐにできたり英語の正しい音が聞けたりBook Clubで得られるものはたくさん!参加費1500円 時間:13:00~13:50開催日: 1/27 (火) 2/5 (木)      2/12 (木)      2/19 (木)      2/23 (月)      3/4 (水)      3/11 (水)      3/16 (月)      3/23 (月)           ※予定です。気になる方はお気軽にお問合せください。078-391-4141

  • 27 Nov
    • 英語でマフィン作り!

      みなさん、こんにちは。今日はクッキングクラブが行われました。今が旬のパンプキン!今日のメニューはパンプキンマフィンです!いつも通りまずはレシピの説明です。すべてMayaより英語で行われます。丁寧にひとつひとつ説明してくれるのでみなさんしっかりレシピを確認、理解していただけました。さっそくとりかかります。マフィンのトッピングにするチーズクリームのフロースティングも手作りです。ハンドミキサーで混ぜます。じゃじゃーん!焼き上がりました!トッピングをしましょう!みなさん、とても上手にできました。いただきまーす!英語のレシピを使って英語で指示を受けながらおいし~いマフィンを作り上げたみなさん、GREAT JOB!!! フワフワのマフィンぜひお家でも作ってみてくださいね。今日はお越しいただき本当にありがとうございました。

  • 05 Oct
    • The Happy Hikers- Mt. Rokko Course

      Good evening to our Readers!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!The Happy Hikers met up last weekend to share our thoughts and ideas for our next hiking trip on October 4th (yesterday). As you may remember, our last hiking trip was the challenging Mt. Takatori course. This time, we decided to take it a bit easier and hike up the one and only, Mt. ROKKO.The weather forecast was looking a little doubtful all week but we were fortunate enough to get sunny/clouded skies for the day with temperatures of 23 degrees. Someone in our group is definitely a 晴れ女・晴れ男. The Happy Hikers met at 9:00am at Hankyu Rokko station. Then we took the bus and cable car up to Rokko Sanjyo station. From there, it was up to our feet to get us to our goal points.Along the path towards Diamond Point, we saw a very interesting art display. Cake and tea anyone??Then, we continued walking for about 35 minutes and reached Diamond Point at around 11:20am. Slightly cloudy, but what a nice view of Karato-dai in the North-ward!!! Hi Eiko!!!! This wonderful group photo was taken a few minutes after Maya noticed the wonderful surprise on the bottom of her shoe. LUCKY?!?Now it was time to head towards our next goal point. Along the way, we came across some neat trees. So straight and so uniform. We decided that they must be cedar trees?Soon after, we reached one of our highlights of our trip. Mikuni-iwa (三国岩), which is supposedly a power spot!! Put your hands flat on the rock and try to feel the energy entering your body. I think I felt it, but I'm not exactly sure now..... It was a nice experience though!!! Thank you H.K. for teaching us about power spots today.!! A little further down the path, we arrived at Mikuni Lake where it started to get a little chilly.We also started getting a little hungry and broke out our Trail Mix!!! Munch...Munch...Munch...Now, we were ready to go again. We walked and walked and talked and talked and I'm not sure what time it was but we finally arrived at our goal of the day- The peak of Mt. Rokko.And towards the East, we could also see Osaka. Beautiful view, but a tiny bit cold. Canadian Maya says, "Brrrrrrrrrrr......."Now, one thing I love about our Happy Hikers is their TEAMWORK!! Here are our members putting their heads together and thinking of a new route to make our way down the mountain. You guys are awesome!!!We started our descend down a rocky path called, "石切道". Very rocky and kind of tricky, but we safely made out way down. Oh, and maybe you were wondering about the English we studied today. Here is a list of a few new words that came up in conversations through out the day. chestnuta wellcedar treesmy knees are wobbly (膝が笑ってる)a mantissingle filefamily crestdawn to duskAnd, finally, we reached our final destination. ジャンジャジャジャンJob well done to all of our members!!! Another awesome hiking trip today!!! A very big thank you to our leader today, T.Y.!! You planned a fantastic course for us!! And thank you also to all of the members who joined us today, K.H, M.T, T.W, H.K, S.I, R.I !!!! And, good job, Anne! You're becoming quite the little hiker!!  Also, a big thank you to R.I. for the some really cool photos!! Today was fun and I can't wait til next time!!!If you enjoy hiking and would like to join us next time, mark your schedules for Saturday, November 22nd. That will be our next trip. Perfect timing to see the beautiful Autumn leaves!!!Thanks for reading!!!MAYA

  • 17 Sep
    • タコスagain!

      みなさん、こんにちは、れいこです。今日のクッキングクラブ大成功でした!!!タコスとってもおいしかったです!こちらはブラックビーンサラダです。ライムジュースがきいてさっぱりしたサラダ。コーンの甘みも絶妙!おいしい!そしてこれが私のToday's New Wordです。"Fan out"おうぎの形に広げることを言うようです。Taco shellsはオーブンに入れて焼くとshellが閉じちゃうので前のshellと重ねて並べるのがポイントとのことです。今日お越しくださったみなさま本当にありがとうございました!!!!

  • 16 Sep
    • メキシカンタコスはいかが?

      みなさん、こんにちは。れいこです。お待たせしました~!土曜日のクッキングクラブの様子をupします。大成功だったようですー!参加いただいた皆様ありがとうございました。明日も開催されますー!See you tomorrow!!

  • 10 Sep
    • そろそろハイキングの季節♪

      みなさん、こんにちは。れいこです。みなさんは、秋をいうと何をしたくなりますか?食欲の秋、読書の秋、運動の秋・・・と何かをしたくなる季節ですよね。来月10月4日はカフェLINGOの "The Out & About Clube!! Let's Go Hiking!!"ハイキングの日です。先生と英語を話しながらウォーキングシューズをはいて、美しい自然の中を歩きましょう!自然に癒され、心も体もリフレッシュできるとても健康的なイベントです。初心者のかたにもおすすめです! ↑ 前回のハイキングの様子です。↑そのプレイベントとして9月20日に、カフェLINGOでハイキングルートの計画を立てたりみんなでトレイルミックスを作ったりします!↑ Trail Mix ↑ナッツやドライフルーツやチョコチップなどをミックスして作ります。ハイキング中疲れた体にエネルギーの補給をしてくれます。自然の中での行動食にぴったり!ハイキング プレイベント9月20日(土)13:30~15:00 参加費1000円 (メンバー以外の方は1500円)具材を何か一種類お持ちください。みなさまのご参加お待ちしております!078-391-4141

  • 07 Aug
    • 上級トーククラブ!

      みなさん、こんにちは。れいこです。台風の動きが気になりますね。さて今週土曜日は上級トーククラブが開催されます。8月9日(土)14:00~14:50 参加費:1000円 時事問題・話題のニュースなどを扱います。新聞紙の切り抜きなどお持ちいただくことも可能です。 上級の方限定のイベント。ハイレベルのディスカッションに磨きをかけましょう! 15:00からのチットチャットに引き続きご参加される場合、500円引き!! ご予約は078-391-4141までお電話ください。お待ちしております

  • 09 Jun
    • The Happy Hikers Club- Mt. Takatori Course

      Hello to our Readers!!How are you today? The sunshine is out again and so far, it's been a pretty good start to the rainy season.I would like to tell you about our Happy Hikers trip yesterday through our Mt. Takatori course. Are you ready?!JUNE 7th- The weather forecast at 7:00am was cloudy and partly sunny with only a 20% chance of rain.(It must have been that special てるてる坊主power again!!) So the Happy Hiker's Club members met up at Sanyo Nishidai station at 8:30am and we were ready to tackle 3 mountains this trip!!! 1. Mt. Takatori 2. Mt. Yokooyama 3. Mt. Hatafuri/ Mt. HachibuseFirst we started our climb up Mt. Takatori. The weather was cloudy and it was very very humid. Under the trees, it was a little dark and a tiny bit slippery but the Happy Hikers successfully reached the peak where we found a Torii at the entrance of a little shrine.Here we took our first group photo.It was a slightly foggy view of the city at this time, but no worries!! The Sunshine Girls/Guys just needed a little time to warm up. After a short break, it was time to make our way over to the neighboring mountain, Mt. Yokooyama. It was a bit tricky descending, but with lots of teamwork, the Happy Hikers safely arrived at the little town of Myouhouji and fueled up on snacks and drinks at a local convenience store. Then, we started up Mt. Higashiyama. The weather at this point was very suspicious. It started sprinkling lightly but we just put on our raincoats and continued on our journey. After reaching the peak of Mt. Higashiyama, we spent a few minutes admiring the view. It almost seemed like we were in a different country!!But... We soon realized what the next step was. I have zoomed up in the center of that last photo to show you the flight of stairs going up the center of the mountain. Can you see??? That's where we had to go next!!!Have any of you heard of UMANOSE trail in the Suma Alps? I think it means "horses back"? Well, take a look at the next few pictures and maybe you will get an idea of how CHALLENGING it was. Rocks...Doesn't this look like a professional photo?!(Thanks R.I.!!!)ヤッホーWoah...That was basically rock-climbing but WOW... What a thrill!! The trail here was VERY intimidating but we all made it safely and wow, the view was breathtaking!!!! EXCELLENT TEAMWORK HAPPY HIKERS!!!!! Here's me and my daughter, Anne. Good job kiddo!!(Thanks for the nice photo K.H.!!)Shortly after, we arrived at the peak of Mt. Yokooyama and enjoyed lunch overlooking the Suma coastline. Beautiful!!! Here comes the sunshine!!!!!Next, it was time to head towards Mt. Hatafuri. We continued walking and walking. Along the way, we came to a long steep flight of stairs that just about killed me. (Thanks 'Leader' for being so patient. Lol!!) Finally we arrived at the observation deck and took in this stunning view of the coastline. Check out this panorama picture from my iphone!!! The time was now 4:00pm and our next stop would be our final destination. Happy Hikers- FIGHT!!!!! We walked and walked and finally reached our goal point at 5:15pm. Our goal point was here:And of course served with this...And now a special message to the HAPPY HIKERS membersThank you very very much for all of your teamwork!! Job well done!! And a very special thank you to our Leader, K.H.!! We couldn't have done it without you!! CHEERS!!! This trip was AWESOME and I'm looking forward to hiking again with all of you this September!! お疲れ様でした!! For those of you who couldn't join us this time, we're looking forward to seeing you in the Fall!!Thanks for reading!!MAYA

  • 29 Jan
    • スパイシ~!!


  • 11 May
    • LINGO Cooking Club- Chocolate cupcakes!!

      こんにちはー!スタッフのYUKIです今日はCafe LINGOがチョコレートの甘い香りでいっぱいになりましたMaya先生のCooking Clubで作ったチョコレートカップケーキ…とってもかわいいですねヾ(@°▽°@)ノ[ドキドキ]ご参加された皆さん、ぜひおうちでも作ってみてくださいねー!^^Joel と Christian先生も very happy でした!

  • 11 Apr
    • 王子動物園!!

      Good evening to our Readers!!Hope you are having a nice week!! Brrrrrrrr!!!!! It sure was cold today!! Almost cold like Winter again!!Today we had our annual Out & About Club at Oji Zoo. It sure was cold but we all had a nice time!!! It was supposed to be a hanami but most of the cherry blossoms had finished. Luckily though, we saw some of the 'Yae zakura' which bloom a little later than the typical 'somei yoshino' cherry blossoms. Group photo:Our first stop was to see the panda!! She was so cute eating her carrot!Next we saw the koalas. This little guy was wide awake and soooooo cute!!THEN, it started to rain so we hung out with the sloth. What an interesting animal he was!Christian made some new friends today too!!Last we Mac the elephant eat his supper. Carrots, apples, bread, straw, bananas and pumpkin too!We were freezing all day long, but thanks to hot coffee and good conversation, I think we all had a nice time!! Thank you very much for coming today S. S., Y. K., K. M., and M. O.!! And to the members who took part in today's Out & About Club, as a thank you for coming today, if you say, "I READ YOUR OJI ZOO blog, Maya!!" you can have 300yen off of your next group lesson!! (This special deal will expire on April 19th so hurry hurry!!)Have a good evening everyone!! See you next time!!! MAYA

  • 23 Mar
    • LINGO Cooking Club- Chicken Burgers!!

      Hello to our Readers!! How are you today? How was your day?Today at Cafe LINGO, we made Chicken Burgers in Cooking Club.Look at our pictures!!Here we are making patties!!!Sure looks good don't you think!!And, here's the finished product!! Yum yum yum!!!! Good job everyone!! The chicken burgers were really tasty! お疲れ様です!For those who couldn't come, maybe you can join us at Cooking Club again in May!!Have a good evening!! See you next week!!MAYA

  • 19 Sep
    • ますは基礎からビジネス英会話♪

      皆さんこんばんは今日英会話カフェ LINGOでは、Business English For Busy People の第一回目でした第一回目の本日は、ビジネス英語でこれが出来ないと絶対に困る事をゲームを使い練習しました例えば、とっても小さい声で話された時、一体どういえば丁寧なのか??もっとはっきり言ってほしいけど、失礼のない様に聞きたい・・・等、本当に使える基本のフレーズをたくさん学びました軽いおつまみ&ドリンク付ですリラックスしながらビジネス英会話本日お越し頂いた皆さま本当にありがとうございました次回も行う予定ですので、今日学んだフレーズを復習して下さいね私もやります次回は、丁寧な尋ね方、タイミング等をやる予定ですよお楽しみに

  • 15 Sep
    • 速報!!The Vine Club!!

      皆さんこんばんは!!現在The Vine Club 進行中どうやってテイスティングするのか、何の味がするか、色はどうかなど,とても詳しく教えてくれましたCheers!!!とってもユニークでおもしろい、カフェ LINGOならではのクラブですご参加頂いた皆さん本当にありがとうございました次回はまた違うワインをテイスティングしますよお楽しみに~

  • 12 Apr
    • The OUT & ABOUT - Hanami at Oji Zoo!!☆

      こんばんは!! スタッフのミスズです お元気ですか?今日はポカポカして気持ちが良かったですね♪さて、今日は待ちに待ったDero先生といく花見イベントでしたo(^▽^)o王子動物公園で、動物についてクイズやワークシートをしながら、花見を園内で楽しんでいただきましたDero先生がとってもクールな写真を撮ってきて下さったので、ご紹介しますね♪この時期に白くまを見ると涼しげで良いですね「このポーズいかしてるよね~!」とDero先生が言っていました( ´艸`)お昼のお弁当も皆さんで仲良く食べました。Dero先生は、写真を撮っていたので写っていませんが(>_<)そして、生徒さんとDero先生で、誰がペンギンの良い写真をとれるのか競っていたみたいですよとっても早く泳いでいたみたいです!!o(^▽^)o

  • 27 Mar
    • The Happy Housewives Club!!☆

      こんばんは!! スタッフのミスズです。お元気ですか?週末はどの様にお過ごしになられましたか今日は皆さんお待ちかねの“The Happy Housewives Club!!”でしたこのクラブでは、家庭的な雰囲気の中、家族/家庭の思い出話を紹介したり日頃の出来事についてお話しをして頂けます(^∇^)楽しみながら会話・情報交換をして頂けるので、気付いた時には自然な会話のコツをつかんで頂けますよまたお話を紹介する練習にもなりますたくさんお話をした後は、おやつのホットドックをお召し上がりいただきました今月ご参加頂けなかった方は是非次回ご参加下さいね!




Hi!! ぜひ一度体験レッスンに来てください! ベテランの講師は現在3人います! フレンドリ...

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MAYA/MICHI: Hello! LINGO Language Club. Can I help you?

STUDENT:  Hello, This is YOUR FULL NAME. I'd like to make a reservation for a
Beginner Group lesson on Thursday, April 28th at 1:00pm, please.

MAYA/MICHI:  One moment please and I will check the schedule.


● Yes, that's available. I will book your lesson. See you soon!!
× I'm sorry. That lesson is already full. Would you like to try a different time/day?

● Thank you. See you then!
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MAYA/MICHI: Hello! LINGO Language Club. Can I help you?

STUDENT: This is YOUR FULL NAME. I'm sorry, I need to cancel my lesson on Thursday, April, 28th at 1:00pm.

MAYA/MICHI: Okay. One moment please.


MAYA/MICHI: No problem. I will cancel your lesson. See you next time!! BYE!

MAYA/MICHI:  Hello! LINGO Language Club. Can I help you?

This is YOUR FULL NAME . I'm sorry:
- I'm sick today so I won't be able to take my lesson today.
- I'm busy at work so I won't be able to take my lesson today.
- Something came up (用事が出来て) so I won't be able to take my lesson today.

MAYA/MICHI: No problem. Please pay your cancel fee next lesson. See you next time!!
STUDENT: Okay. I understand. See you!!