• 19 Feb
    • News Chat

      Hi everyone,It`s Michi. How`s it going?On Saturday, we held our second News Chat at Lingo. It was a lot of fun and a great study experience. We read an article about the death (or possible assassination) of Kim Jom-nam. Reading news is a great chance to learn new vocabulary and phrases and practice your English skills. Our next News Chat will be held on the 25th of March, from 16:00-16:50. The participation fee will be 2000 yen.We will read current news and discuss them.I stumbled upon this funny picture a while back. The jokes are rather simple, but I found them to be rather interesting. What do you think?Did you understand all of them? Ask Maya or me if you have any questions!Have a great weekend and stay warm. Spring is almost here.Michi

  • 17 Feb
    • Maya's 1 Point Lesson!

      Hello to our Readers!!How have you been? It's been a while since our last blog entry. Michi and I have been realllllllllllllly busy!! lol!!Today I wanted to teach you a "1 Point Lesson!"I'm sure you have heard the question, "How would you like your steak?" when you go to a restaurant in a foreign country. (Rare, Medium or Well-done)But, have you ever heard the question, "How do you take your coffee?" You would hear this when visiting a friends or relatives house for tea.Common answers are:- Black, please.- With (1) cream and (1) sugar, please.- With 2 creams and 1 sugar, please.- Just sugar/cream, please.And, I heard in Australia, some people also say "White". (only cream/milk)Give it a try next time!!!!! You can do it!!!!By the way, I got myself a new coffee mug recently. I often make myself a cup of coffee/tea in the morning, but don't have time to drink it all in one lesson so it gets cold. So, I got a thermal mug to keep it hot for a few hours and it really works!!!!See you next time!! Have a great weekend!!!!MAYA

  • 26 Jan
    • New Cushions!!

      Good evening to our Readers!!How are you doing?? It's been FREEEEEEEEEEZNG lately!! A lot of students have been catching colds. Please take care of yourselves!!!At LINGO, the classroom gets a little chilly sometimes so I picked up some new cushions for the chairs. Look!!Some people might have "cold feet" in the lesson, but don't worry. Your bum will be nice and warm.See you soon!!!MAYA

  • 18 Jan
    • The Earlier, The Better!!

      Hello to our Readers!!How have you been? It's been pretty cold these past few days. I hope you are keeping warm somehow!! I actually enjoyed the snow on the weekend very much. When it snows outside, the cold weather doesn't really bother me. I wish it would snow more often!! lol!!Here is a new phrase for you today:The earlier, the better!!Have you heard this phrase before? It means that it is better if you finish things as early as possible. Some studentssaid that their New Years Resolution this year was to stop procrastinating. So this phrase has been very popular lately. At The LINGO Language Club, we are planning to get things done as early as possible this year too. And, guess what!? The February Newsletter is already finished!!!!!! You can see the details here if you'd like to know our schedule right away.http://profile.ameba.jp/cafe-lingo/Have a great week!!! See you next time!! Take care!!!!!MAYA

  • 06 Jan
    • HAPPY 2017!!!

      Hello to our Readers,Happy New Year!!!New Years marks a new beginning.New people to meet, new adventures to take, and new memories to create.Michi and I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous year!!!!!What did you do for the holidays? I'm guessing that some of you went home to your hometowns with your families? Did you eat lots of rice cake?Here are some things that we will be asking in your lessons for the next couple weeks:1. What did you do for New Years?2. What are your New Years Resolutions?3. How would you like to improve your English this year? (Grammar/Speaking/Vocabulary/Listening/Writing)And to start of the year I have an invitation for you to join our very first PHOTO WALK for the beginning of the year. Since the weather is going to be pretty cold for the next few months, we will try to stay indoors as much as possible. On Saturday, January 14, we will be going to SUMA AQUARIUM. If you're interested in joining, please talk to me or Michi for the details. Hope you can come!!!!!Take care and see you soon!!! 今年もよろしくお願いします!!MAYA

  • 31 Dec
    • Thanks for a Great Year!!!!

      Hello to our Readers!!Hope you are all well and are enjoying the holidays!!It's the last day of 2016 and Michi and I wanted to send a message to say thanks to all of you for a wonderful year!! We went through a lot of big changes this year but our true LINGO fans stuck with us the whole way. Thank you!!!!We are very proud of all of our students for studying hard and improving their English skills this year. Keep up the great work!! We look forward to a having another awesome year with you all in 2017!!!Maya & MichiMemories of the Year- Special Bonus!!!Our new place in SannomiyaLINGO Cooking Club - Quice LorraineOur first Photo Walk- Suma Rikyu KoenBeer Gardens 2016Our LINGO profile photo on FacebookThe Happy Hikers- Mt. KazabukiPhoto Walk- Oji ZooHang Out Night!!!!LINGO Cooking Club- Smoked Salmon Bagels and Mediterranean Pasta SaladThe Happy Hikers- Suma Alps Halloween HikePhoto Walk- Arima!!!The Happy Hikers- Mt. RokkoLINGO Bounenkai 2016Thanks for reading!!! See you in the New Year!!!Maya

  • 25 Dec
    • Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!

      Hi,It`s Michi.Merry Christmas to all of our students, readers, friends and families.There are many reasons why people like Christmas, some celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, some like to spend time with their loved ones, or maybe both.I hope all of you are able to have a wonderful time.It was great to see many of you at our end of year party. And for those who couldn`t join, I hope you`ll be able to next time.I`m looking forward to hearing your stories about how you spent your Christmas days. What did you do and what kind of presents did you get?This is a picture of my parents` Christmas tree back home. What do you think?We`re looking forward to seeing you all soon.Michi & Maya

  • 19 Dec
    • LINGO Cooking Club & 2016 忘年会!!!

      Good evening to our Readers!!How are you? Hope you're having a nice start to the week. The weather has been quite nice eh. It almost doesn't seem like Christmas season.Saturday, December 17 was a big day for LINGO peeps. We started the day with Cooking Club. Our sloppy joes turned out perfectly!!!Oh.... sooooooo.... delicious!!!! For those who missed Cooking Club this time- 残念!!Maybe next time!!!!Later that evening, we had our LINGO 忘年会 at a bar/restaurant called Old England in Sannomiya. It was a really nice place. Good food and REAL drinks. So everyone was feeling pretty "happy" when we left. Sorry though, we didn't get many pics.So, for those who are in these pictures, you are lucky!!!!What a beautiful bunch of ladies!!Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us. We hope you had a fun night and we will definitely have to have a LINGO party again. Parties are so much fun!!Thanks for reading!! Take care!!Maya

  • 12 Dec
    • Hiking 12/10 Ashiya Rock Garden Course

      Good evening to our Readers!!How are you today? Hope you haven't been too busy in the first couple weeks of December.On Saturday, the Happy Hikers set off earlyin the morning for our Ashiya Rock Garden--->Mt. Rokko Course. The weather was typical December weather. Highs of 12 degrees and lows of 6. A little chilly but we had a long way to go!!!Our first destination was Ashiya Rock Garden. I guess in this area, wild boar are quite common, but we didn't see any today. There are two routes to choose from on this course. The one to the left is a very challenging route where ropes and special gear are necessary. The one on the right is the more common route. Our group chose to go right.Look at the view of this gorgeous landscape!!!Our second check-in point was Amagatoge. We started around 8:30 today, but at this point, it was already around 12:30 noon. And!! It wasn't even lunch time yet...It was a little challenging course from here...... "Come on!! Let's do it Happy Hikers!!!"Finally we reached Ikkenjyaya which was where we were planning to have lunch. Whew.... finally. We were starrrrrrrrrrrving......After lunch we climbed a little bit higher to Rokko Sancho. Wow, what an awesome view!!!Wow, we walked 931m to the peak of Mt. Rokko!! Nice work Happy Hikers!!!What an awesome group shot!!!Fromthere, it was mostly downhill towards Kinenhidai where we enjoyed a nice warm coffee break.... with cake..... and ice cream..... and potatoes..... pudding.... beer.....and octopus......We finished todays course around 4:45pm at Rokko Cable station. What a great day again with our fun bunch of hiking members. It was the last hike of 2016 but I look forward to all of our journeys next year!!!!Thanks for reading!!!!MAYA

  • 25 Nov
    • Photo Walk in ARIMA!!!

      Good evening to our Readers!!How have you been? The last few days have been quite cool. I guess Winter has come so take care of yourself!!!This Wednesday some students and I headed to Arima for our Photo Walk event. It was a pretty chilly day and there was a cold north wind but we had a pleasurable day together. Here are some pictures that we took!Some Japanese maple leaves.The fountain where the Kappa stands near Arima station.A cute Maneki Neko at the entrance of a souvenir shop.At a well where we were able to taste natural soda spring water. What a very interesting taste....Autumn leaves on a stairway. (I edited this photo a bit with Instagram to bring out the colors better. )Japanese pompous grass.And finally some trees with a little contrast of color.I hope you enjoyed the photos!! And if you are interested, we will have our Photo Walk event again sometime in a couple months. Hope you can join us next time!!!Have a great weekend!!!Maya

  • 19 Nov
    • LINGO 忘年会 2016!!

      Good afternoon to our Readers!!!How have you been? It's been a while since I wrote on our LINGO blog.I hope you are all well and haven't caught a cold!!! I can't believe the end of the year is just around the corner.November isn't a very busy month, but December gets a little crazy for some people, eh.Have you seen in Sannomiya Centergai that they've already started putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music?!?!?!!I have some news for you today!!Here are the details for ourLINGO 忘年会!!!DATE: Saturday, December 17th, 2016TIME:18:15~PLACE: OLD ENGLANDhttp://old-england.bar/FEE: 4000円 (参加費:無料)(Sorry- LINGO Members only) Please check the poster in our classroom for more details and make your reservations early. And for this event, you will need to pay in advance.Hope you can come!!!!MAYA

  • 31 Oct
    • 10/30 Halloween Hike -Mt. Umanose Course

      Good evening to our Readers!!!How have you been? The weatherman said that we had the 木枯らし this past Saturday eh? I guess in English we'd say "the first cold winds of winter". Take care not to catch cold!!The Happy Hikers were very fortunate to have gorgeous weather for hiking yesterday. (10/30th).With a group of 14 people in our Halloween 'costumes', westarted at Sumaura Koen at 9:30am and headed towards our first check-in spot- Oragajyaya.These trees were so neat!!We arrived at Oragajyaya just on schedule and had an early lunch before the main hike of the day.Then it was time to make our way to the Suma Alps. It wasn't such a difficult hike today but there were a lot of stairs as usual. It was a nice kind of tired though.Look at the beautiful view of Akashi Bridge in the background!!We arrived at last at Umanose. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was!!Look at the blue sky!!!Acrophobic anyone? Ahhhhhh!!!Here's an awesome group shot!!A little while later, it was time for our coffee break on top of Mt. Higashiyama.Now it was time to head back towards Itayado station.And finally we reached our final destination.Tajimaya....Our course today was perfect! We enjoyed the fabulous weather, amazing scenery with some awesome people. Thanks to all who joined today!! I look forward to going hiking with you again next time!! And for those who couldn't come yesterday, I hope you'll be able to join us next time!!Take care!!! Have a great week!!Maya

  • 29 Oct
    • November Newsletter Misprint

      Hi everyone,It`s Michi. How`s it going?First one important thing: For everyone who already received a newsletter (before 10/29), we had a little misprint there. Sports Chat will be held on 11/26 (last Saturday of November) and not 11/29. Here is the full newsletter one more time.Now that we finished that ...I think autumn has arrived. The evenings have gotten rather cold these days. I hope you`re keeping yourself warm.I enjoy one of my favorite things this autumn, visiting different hot springs. There is no better feeling like relaxing in hot water while it`s cold outside, don`t you agree?Autumn is also the time to eat delicious food, for example pumpkins. But these days I went to a place that has rather typical American food. Take a look at this burger:It was really delicious.I hope you enjoy your autumn as much as I do. Take care and hope to see you soon,Michi

  • 27 Oct
    • 久しぶり!!November News!!!!

      Hello to Our Readers!!!How have you been? Wow, it's sure starting to get cold. Take care of yourselves!!Just wanted to let you know that the November Newsletter is complete!!http://profile.ameba.jp/cafe-lingo/We are going to start a new course this Fall called, "Power Speaking." In this ongoing course, we will practice more and more natural English conversation using different scenarios and a list of new expressions each month. Let us know if you'd like to try it!!Also in November, we will be going to Higashi Yuenchi Park in Sannomiya. Have you been there recently? It's the place where Luminarie is held every December. Well, this Summer, they planted green grass all over the park and it is sooooooooo nice!!!! We will have a picnic blanket on the grass andenjoy English conversation while sipping on hot drinks and munching on snacks. Join us if you can!!!!See you next time!!!!Maya

  • 14 Oct
    • Photo Walk @ Oji Zoo!!

      Hello to our Readers!!!!How have you been? I hope you are enjoying the nice cool weather. It suddenly got cool though. I hope you don't catch a cold!!!On Monday, October 10th, a group of us went to Oji Zoo for our Photo Walk event. The weather was gorgeous!!! With blue skies and sunshine, it was a perfect day to take pictures!!I will share some of my favorite shots with you.First we spent some time near the entrance of the zoo by the flamingos. Look at this next shot. Can you tell what this flamingo is doing? I like the ripples in the water!Then we headed towards the koalas and the red panda. Luck was with us today and we were able to see some of the koalas, wide awake!!! So cute!!!I also like this picture. This little guy looks so fluffy!!!Next it was time to see the Red Panda!! This is my most favorite picture of the day.Red pandas are so cute!!!!Cute monkey!!My favorite animal at Oji Zoo!! The hippopotamus!Sparrows enjoying the sunlight.Ladies, thank you very much for coming!! I hope you enjoyed he day and I hope you will be able to join us again next month!!Take care!!! See you again!!!!!Maya

  • 05 Oct
    • Photo Walk- Monday, October 10th!!

      Hello to our Readers!!!How have you been? I guess another typhoon will be hitting us this evening eh? Stay safe!!Today, I wanted to remind you that I will be hosting the Photo Walk event on Monday, October 10th from 10:30-14:30. I hope you can join us!! This time we will be going to Oji Zoo. I'm looking forward to taking some nice photos of the animals there with everyone. If you'd like to join, please email me by Saturday at 18:00.kobelingo@gmail.comSpeaking of animal pictures, I came across this really funny page on the internet recently. I hope you like it!!FunnyAnimalshotsMaybe we'll get some funny shots at Oji Zoo too!!Oh, and if you're lucky, maybe you'll find Pikachu at Hankyu Oji station too. I found him there this morning.See you next time!!Maya

  • 26 Sep
    • The Happy Hikers- 9/24 Uchikoshi Course

      Good afternoon to our Readers!!!How are you? It's slowly becoming more like Autumn everywhere. But wow, it's really hot and humid today. I hope you had a good weekend!!On Saturday, the Happy Hikers set off on our first hike since May. The check points for this course were:Hankyu Mikage-->Mt. Jumonji-->Uchikoshi-->Uchikoshi Touge-->Meisuke (pond)-->Kazabuki-iwa-->Mt. Kinchou-->Hokura Shrine--> Hankyu Okamoto StationWith a large group of 17 people, it was a full day adventure through cedar trees, muddy patches and bushes.There were a few signs of Autumn in the mountains this hike. Lots and lots of mushrooms. Especially red ones!! Eeek!!This hike, we came across a lot of forkroads and the team turned to our maps several times to confirm our way. The Happy Hikers eventually found our way to Meisuke pond. Good job team!!Finally it was lunch time!!!!After lunch our course was all downhill. Nice and easy. And lots of nature and fresh mountain air.Then we reached our main checkpoint of the day!Kazabuki-Iwa!!!Look who greeted us at the top!!Awwwww!!Group shot!! I love this picture!!!It was another great hike with lots of fun people!! Thank you to all who came. I hope you finished your homework page. Let's make plans for another hike-perhaps the last weekend in October. Maybe a Halloween hike?Take care!!! See you again!!!Maya

  • 20 Sep
    • We're Closed Today!!

      Hi Everyone!!Just a reminder that we are closed today!!Please call again tomorrow if you'd like to reschedule your lessons.Stay safe!!!Maya

  • 19 Sep
    • Guy Chat on 9/30

      Hi everyone,It has been a while again since our last blog. How`s everyone doing ? Today`s weather is terrible so I uploaded a nice picture for you. A view of Kobe from Rokko Mountain on a really nice day.We`re halfway through September and it has been a great month, but we still half a lots of fun things coming up.We`re still looking for some guys to join our Guy Chat.It`s gonna be held on 9/30 from 20:00.The plan is to go to an izakaya or a bar, depending on how many members are joining.Time is running out, please let me know by 9/25 if you`re interested so we can finalize the plans. Enjoy the rest of your holiday(s) and hope to see you again soon at Lingo.Michi

  • 12 Sep
    • Ha ha, funny joke!!

      Hello to our Readers!!How are you?I think you've noticed these days, but Michi and Ihaven't had much time to be writing blogs daily. So we will do our best to do them at least weekly.I have a funny riddle (joke) for you today thanks to one of our regular Wednesday students. (Thank you H. K.!!) I wonder if everyonewill understand the meaning? lol!! It's a good one. If you don't understand it,please ask me next lesson and I will explain!!!READY???What kind of snacks do pigs eat after they get divorced?.....................とんがりコーンSee you next time!!!!!MAYA




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MAYA/MICHI: Hello! LINGO Language Club. Can I help you?

STUDENT:  Hello, This is YOUR FULL NAME. I'd like to make a reservation for a
Beginner Group lesson on Thursday, April 28th at 1:00pm, please.

MAYA/MICHI:  One moment please and I will check the schedule.


● Yes, that's available. I will book your lesson. See you soon!!
× I'm sorry. That lesson is already full. Would you like to try a different time/day?

● Thank you. See you then!
× I see. How about Saturday, April 30th at 1:00pm

MAYA/MICHI: Hello! LINGO Language Club. Can I help you?

STUDENT: This is YOUR FULL NAME. I'm sorry, I need to cancel my lesson on Thursday, April, 28th at 1:00pm.

MAYA/MICHI: Okay. One moment please.


MAYA/MICHI: No problem. I will cancel your lesson. See you next time!! BYE!

MAYA/MICHI:  Hello! LINGO Language Club. Can I help you?

This is YOUR FULL NAME . I'm sorry:
- I'm sick today so I won't be able to take my lesson today.
- I'm busy at work so I won't be able to take my lesson today.
- Something came up (用事が出来て) so I won't be able to take my lesson today.

MAYA/MICHI: No problem. Please pay your cancel fee next lesson. See you next time!!
STUDENT: Okay. I understand. See you!!