Good evening to our Readers!ニコニコ


Happy New Year to you all!!

We wish you and your families a year of safety, good health and of course happiness during these difficult times.乙女のトキメキ


As you probably have already heard, the government declared a 2nd State of Emergency for Hyogo Prefecture this week.. 

As you know, we are taking extra special care to prevent the spread of the virus in our classroom, but we understand if you wish to take a little break.. The LINGO Language Club is still open for classroom lessons but if you'd like to try online lessons on Zoom or Skype, please just let us know and we can help set you up and help you understand how it works. ウインク


Please take good care and we hope to see all of you back in our classsroom when the virus situation is a little bit better. お願いキラキラ


カナダ MAYA


P.S- Just so you know, we got a new partition in our classroom. It's huge, but safety comes first!!!!