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Hello to our Readers!!ニコ


Long time no write!! How have you been?

We hope that you are all surviving the crazy heat this Summer.  ひまわり

What have you been doing? Do you have any plans for Obon holidays next week?

For those who haven't checked the August newsletter yet, The LINGO Language Club will be closed for just a few days from Sunday, August 12- Wednesday, August 15th. We'll be open for lessons again from August 16th!!ルンルン

Oops, and we forgot to post a picture of our annual Beer Gardens event that took place in July.ほっこり 


Thanks for coming to all who did.  Michi, Joel and I had a nice time chatting with you all. ウシシ

We hope you had a nice time too!! I guess the next BIG event will be the Bounenkai at the end of the year. ゲラゲラ

Anyway, hope you have a nice Summer Vacation!! Michi and I will try to write more blog updates when the weather gets cooler. ウインク


Stay cool and take care!!!グラサン