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Hello readers,


It`s Michi. How`s it going?


On Sunday we had our Sake Tour. I want to thank all the brave members who helped me conquer the Sake Factories. We had a great time together. 爆  笑

Our adventure started at Uozaki Station and together, not being afraid of the rain, we marched to our first goal. We were met by a kind spirit, an old Sake master, who let us try a lot of different drinks. Encouraged by our first drinks we went through the museum and every student bravely read the difficult English instructions on how Sake is made. A lot of new words were learned that day.

Picking up some sandwiches on the way and making a stop at another factory for one more drink, we went to our lunch location. We found a comfortable and rain-safe place to fill our stomachs and practice our new learned words in a homemade crossword. (don`t forget the word fermentation ニヤリ).

After recharging our batteries, we went on to our third location, where we had the chance to watch a short movie of how sake is made (in English). It seems like in the past a lot of physical labor was needed, but nowadays a lot of machines are used.

Having had another taste of Sake we went on to our final destination. There we had the chance to take some funny cosplay pictures. And to top it all … we tried a very special Sake (300 yen per cup). It tasted heavenly. ラブ

On our way home we already started planing our next trip ... お茶おにぎり


Thanks everyone for joining, I had a wonderful time and I`m looking forward to going there again with everyone.