Game Day Update


Hi everyone,


How`s it going? I hope everyone had many opportunities to go cherry blossom viewing. Too bad that it`s almost over already. But I guess that is what makes them special. They only bloom for a short time, but they`re incredibly beautiful during that time. うっとり


Our first Game Day event is approaching. I think it`s time to reveal the game we`re going to play. It`s called “The Game Of Life”.

Many of you have probably played the game in the Japanese version before. But on Game Day we will use the English version.

It`s a lot of fun, with many interesting decisions to make and a great chance to learn vocabularies for everyday use. Will you study at university or choose a career directly? Take the Safe Route or risk it all? I`m curious to see what everyone decides on. ニヤリ



As a little reminder: The event will be held on Saturday the 14th from 16:00 to 18:00. The participation fee for the first event will be 1500 yen. Softdrinks and snacks included. 

The number of players is limited, so make sure to join as soon as possible.

I`m looking forward to having a lot of fun with everyone. Hope to see you all soon!