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Hi everyone,


It`s Michi. I hope you are all healthy. Recently many people seem to have been catching the flu … So far I have been lucky. (I hope I`m not jinxing it, lol) てへぺろ


Today is the last day of the Olympics. I think we had great games with a lot of surprises. My newest favorite sport is curling. But I have to admit, I don`t understand the rules and strategies. Especially the timing for the guard stone seems to elude me.口笛 キョロキョロ


Talking about games and surprises. The LINGO Language Club will start hosting a new event from April: “Game Day”. It will be a good chance to practice natural English in a familiar setting AND have a lot of fun. We will start to give you more information about the first event soon. Already curious? smile Feel free to ask us in one of our lessons!


Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon, Bye bye




P.S. Do you know the difference between “trailer” and “teaser”? Ask me and I`ll teach you!!