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Hello to our Readers!!!いー


How are you? This week has been cold again. Make sure you keep yourself warm!! I recommend drinking Mexican hot chocolate. Have you heard of it before? If not, here's a recipe!!! Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipecoffee*


Today, I wanted to tell you about our new event starting the February!!!

It's called Instagramで英語. Do you maybe already use Instagram? If so, do you use Instagram in English? 

If not, you should come join our event and we will teach you how to!!わはは


Dates: Thursday, February 15th 13:00-14:50 & Saturday, February 24th 9:00-10:50 

(In February, sorry it's very early, but we will start at 9:00. Next time, we will start at 10:00-11:50!!)


Fee: 2500円

Theme: Takeout Coffee スタバスタバスタバ

Please bring: Your favorite takeout coffee, tea, etc. (Starbucks, Doutor, 7-11, etc...)


For more information, please ask us at your next lesson and we can give you a handout.memo*

In the meantime, here is an example for you to look at. 



It's a photo that we have on our new LINGO Instagram account. Please find us and follow us for weekly updates:


Hope you can join us!!!