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Hi everyone,


Michi here, it`s been a while.

Another year has passed and it`s already Christmas Season again. I hope all of you had a great year.

I recently enjoyed the falling leaves at Nunobiki Herb Garden. It was very beautiful. Take a look at my picture.


In Germany it`s a tradition to have a Christmas wreath. On each Sunday before Christmas we will light up a candle starting four Sundays before Christmas. Here is a picture of my mother`s wreath:


I`m looking forward to seeing many people at the 忘年会 tomorrow.

I also hope to see everyone once more before the end of the year.

For everyone who is interested, we are holding another Beginner`s Chit Chat on December 24th, 11:00-12:50. I will be a Christmas special, so if you like Christmas be sure to come.


See you all soon スマイル,