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Good evening to our Readers!!ハイビスカス

This is Maya! Long time no write!!
I hope you are well and enjoying the start of Summer!!やしの木

Do you have any plans coming up? Actually, if you didn't already know, I will be going to Canada for my summer vacation with my family. I will be away for 3 weeks but don't worry. Michi will be covering my shifts. Just ask him anytime if you have any questions. ウインク

On Saturday night, The LINGO Language Club had our annual Beer Gardens party!! Wow, it was a pretty wild night! Lots of food and lots of drinking. If you've never been to the Sogo Beer Gardens, I highly recommend it!! 

Thank you to all of you who joined!! We hope you had a fun time!! I guess the next big party will be Bounenkai in December?! てへぺろ

Have a great Summer!! See you when I get back!!グラサン

Take care!!
ちょうちょ Maya