Beer Gardens on July 22nd


Hi everyone,


It`s a hot summer, isn’t it?

The air-conditioning is working overtime. How about we let it rest and cool ourselves with something else? 生ビール 爆  笑


It`s time for our annual beer gardens event. We`re going to eat and drink at Sogo Beer Gardens. Have you ever been there? It`s a lot of fun. We still have some vacancies, so if you feel like cooling down and having a bit fun, please join us:


Saturday 22nd, 19~


If you have any questions or you want to sign up, please tell us in a lesson or send us a mail!


For everyone who already signed up, we`re going to meet at 18:50 on the top floor of the Sogo building. Don`t be late! 笑


Prost! Cheers! かんぱい! 生ビール赤ワイン


Btw, for people who always wondered about different beer types - Here you go: