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Hi everyone,


How`s your Sunday? It`s already the last day of the month. Time really flies by when you`re having fun.

I was very active this month visiting many places.

Eating a lunch box under those beautiful trees,


visiting Himeji Castle


and the Golden Paivillion


were just a few things I did. How about everyone else?

It`s Golden Week soon. Do you have any plans?

During Golden Week we`ll be open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday morning, Saturday and Sunday. So feel free to drop by if you don`t have any other plans.


Have you ever seen or played foreign card or drinking games? If not and you`re curious, you might be interested in our Hang out night. This time it`s gonna be on a Saturday directly here at Lingo.

May 27th, 19:00-21:00. 2600円 (2 beer and some snacks included)


Ask me if you have any questions about it.

See you guys soon. Let`s enjoy May together.