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Good evening to our Readers!! 
How are you today? It's a little cold out still but Spring is in the air!!!! チューリップ

On Saturday, the LINGO Cooking Club members got together and made a seasonal special called "Strawberry Dessert". We used 3 packs of さちのか strawberries!!!! ラブ
We crushed, we sliced, we measured, we mixed, we whipped, we beat and finally we were almost done!!イヒ
After pouring over the final layer, we placed our Strawberry Dessert into the fridge to set. The finished product was this:
My personal preference is to use graham wafer crumbs for the base for this recipe, but today we used the standard recipe and used pretzels. The salty crunchy pretzel crust is a nice match for the sweet creamy middle later and the top jelly layer but, it depends what you like. ウインク
Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday. I hope you try this recipe again sometime. Maybe next time with graham crackers. ニコ

Have a great week!!ウシシ