By now, you have probably heard of the many benefits of adding CBD products to your health routine.

The benefits of CBD on anxiety, pain and epilepsy have been widely covered. But there are some other unexpected benefits of CBD that aren't talked about as much.

Here are the top 4 that could be helping you:





​According to HealthLine: Researchers found that CBD inhibited oil production and also had anti-inflammatory effects on oil-producing glands. They concluded CBD was a “promising therapeutic agent” for acne treatment.




According to The Extract: A new study reveals that CBD could help prevent distressing dreams, especially among those who suffer from varying degrees of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). There is also new research indicating that CBD could eliminate night terrors and reduce the number of prescriptions for mental health.



According to Civilized.Life: There are studies that indicate that CBD can help with speech problems such as stuttering. CBD’s been shown to help reduce muscle spasms and twitches, and it’s believed those same properties help with stuttering as well.



According to Labroots: Scientists have been studying for the past decade the effect that the cannabinoid cannabidiol has on bone healing and development.  It seems scientists can agree that CBD can accelerate the process of the body healing broken bones and making them stronger.