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Source: Josei Jishin

It was disclosed that Kim Hyun Joong who ranked the 2nd on Oricon chart with his Japan

solo album , " Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy" and made a record of the best selling on the first

release day as an overseas artist, is going to release his second single on July 14.

It was a really big news that B'z who produces this album ( Inaba wrote songs

and Matsumoto coposed them). It is the first time for B'z to produce songs for other

artist since their debut in 1988. Furthermore, Inaba joined in chorus while Matsumoto

played a guitar in recording. The album title is " HEAT ". There is no wonder that

this single album will be a hot hit this summer like its title.

Kim Hyun Joong told at his Japan Solo Debut press conference in November that

he was B'z 's fan himself. B'z accepted an offer from Kim Hyun Joong side to

produce a song for his album.

Kim Hyun Joong made a major debut in Japan in 2012 with Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy album,

now attracting much attention that he would be a most promising artisit.

On the occasion of his premium live concert at Yokohama arena which took place

in February, Kim Hyun Joong talked his fans , " I hope that I will be able to see you

on the stage and also you will follow me till Tokyo Dome " This 2nd album will

make him closer to his dream.

The hot collaboration of B'z who have been recording 46 continuous No1 in Oricon

chart and the most expected artist, Kim Hyun Joong, will be one of the biggest

news this summer and remain in Japan's music history. Askd about his 2nd

single, Heat, Kim Hyun Joong mentioned " It is a great honor for me to sing a

song produced by a Japanese musician, B'z of which I have been a fan by myself

for a long time. When the recording took place in Japan, both of B'z gave me

many advices , and it was really fun to work together for recording.

" The level of completeness is very high. Please look forward to the release "

On May 16, the premium live DVD "First Imapct " will be released.

Profile of B'z via wikpedia: There was a documentary produced by NHK on October 7, 2008 with

focus on B'z by a close cover-up. Asked " Why do you think B'z sell well ? " , Mr. Matsumoto

( guitarist ) of B'z, asnwered " It's our intuition, a sort of wild inspiration that it will be a big hit ".

On the ther hand, Inaba (Vocalist) told " It is our theme to show that we never skimp. I think

that it will bring us a result if fans feel in the same way ". The documentary concluded that

the reasons of their high popularity and performance in sales was a very simple one; it was

their simple honesty. They have just been just making their best efforts step by stepl "

B'z's genre: Hard-Rock

My comments: B'z has been very popular for a long time, especially among male fans.

Mr. Inaba (vocalist) 's high-tone voice is so sweet ❤ I believe that duo of Mr.Inaba and

Hyun Joong will be really beautiful harmony.


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