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the books were amazing but is sucks hm detail the movies have to leave out and how much they changed :/.


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I came to watch this trailer after listening zayn ft taylor swift soundtrack for 50 shades darker !.

cant wait....

dat face at the end

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63 People wouldn't know a good movie if it shot them..
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My God! I'm so excited!!! Por favor! Chega logo fevereiro!!! I can wait for!!
will i think anastasia change christian at the end..
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I can't wait for this! I've a tutorial re-creating Ana's look from the movie in my makeup playlist :) 
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l like it
I'm just thinking of Graham and Emma.
So if I bought this one on my phone? Can I play it later on? Like on the YouTube app on my Xbox?

It is not a movie ,it's a saga Amazingly written and directed love the series ❤☺ ...
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mas pornoooooooooooooo
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I don't like the Harry Potter movies at all but 10/10! 😃
This movie looks like it got more cheese than macaroni, so cheesy loll
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so much better than the commercials
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So sad.... but so so so so so good The part where he said please let me get 1 more... 😭😭😢😢 And how he never shot a gun.... bless his heart 



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I've just seen this film, and I am Not afraid to say That I Loved this film!!!!! To all you haters who like porn so much better, go watch it, and let us who like/love these films alone!!!.
Damn, these producers are making so much money on horny,lonely women

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Hevesh 5


An advice for those who are saying that this book is totally sex and the movie will be porn READ THE BOOK! PS: this version of the song is totally beautiful, everybody should be agree with me..

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E L James should write another book - Life after Freed depicting how many kids they end of having, etc. Love the Trilogy and Grey as told by Christian. It would also be nice to have Darker and Freed told by Christian -- his point of view..
I love this film. it's phenomenol
Just Wondering, How She Isn't Pregnant Yet.
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Can we just take a Moment to point out that her Coworker was Typing at a Keyboard but she didn't have a Desktop Computer Screen there? at least I didn't see one... and she didn't even look like she was working, she looked like she was just randomly, yet slowly hitting keys on the keyboard. 🤔😅😐😒.
How does the song say


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The soundtrack is amazing
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from which site can I download this movie in India
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Newt is the new doctor.
my mom cried but I think this is an extremely good movie 💜
This movie was as great as fury. Love this movie.
i hope this turns out to be a psycho movie after the cheesy porn stuff

sexy sexy sexy stabby stabby stabby - Tyrion Lannister