- Tanabata Day's 2nd Nihongo Scrabble Championship -


Come join us for fun game and party!




※ Date: Sunday, July 7


※ Time Schedule: 13:00 - 14:55 Game / 15:00 - 16:00 Tea Party


※ Fair: 1,000 yen


We will be donating your sincere payment as support money to the "Donald McDonald Charity Event 2019" foundation. This charity event provides accommodation for sick children and their families.


12 people maximum / 6 years and older can join.


※ Host: 

Nihongo Scrabble Association


Run by voluntary secondary and university students.


※ Address: 




My Heim Tenjin-yama 1F, 1-45, 3-jo, 16-chome, Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo


- We have arranged a world-popular board game, "SCRABBLE" and modified it into a new original board game, the "NIHONGO SCRABBLE GAME."


The more Japanese synonymous words you write, the higher points you get!


The more Japanese words you write in Kanji, the higher points you get too!!


After playing the game, you can join our tea party with nice companions. We will provide tea and pasteries.


Don't miss all the fun! -


Please be aware that this event may be used as coverage for upcoming articles of the Asahi Students Newspaper Corporation and promotional videos for our organization - this includes but is not limited to photos, articles and videos.


※ Please feel free to contuct us: 


Tel: 011-827-6335

E-mail address: nihongo.scrabble@gmail.com




Please join us!