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that madea joke tho bro
'He guys wanna know my secret identity'
This trailer looks fantastic, but the that's what she said always ruins it for me..
So they took A Beautiful Mind and made John Nash like Jason Bourne
HUGE FAN of anna kendrick, but i think she ruins the movie in only this particular movie
Great movie!I thought you tried too hard to be funny... made me cringe with the Medina jokes
Finally a movie about Accountants!
Something with Affleck I actually want to watch.. Interesting.


what song is this?




hes not the accountant we deserve but the one we need right now....



2:06 KGBeast back at it again with the flamethrower. 

Good o'l Bats and Commish with their old adventures again. Oh, and also punisher... I guess.

Just wow ... what a great movie , seriously one of best movies I have ever seen

I have a pocket protector.