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If 1 more person says this is like kids... Smh


Am I the only one who thinks that the lead actress Britt Robertson is a Jennifer Lawrence's look-a-like?.




The third good movie with C.Clooney after Project Peacemaker and Three Kings. I wish more good movies with this exellent actor C.Clooney..

Plain af but there is something inside which makes me want to watch his movie..

does anyone think she looks like a younger version of jennifer lawrence ? just me ? •_•

this movie is better than dope.

I reallyyyy want to see this, I saw Pewdiepies name in the cast. Is there a t.v. show called tomoorowland? this it?

can you tell me mobile phone that Junior use in movie?

dissappointed with this movie.. and being a george clooney fan. I still was not impressed, the only part that was good would be the trailer..

Will the bathtub rocket scene outdo Indiana Jones' beloved fridge rocket scene?!?.

I do not care about any of this stuff except FREAKING DOCTOR HOUSE IS THERE IN TOMORROWLAND....!!!.


what song is at the end of the movie?

whts the name of the trailer song 

It wasn't that bad but they cancelled tron 3 for this.
they came to my shops and skateparks looking for skaters and extras in a skateboarding movie... sorry, this is just a shit attempt to exploit cleveland and skateboarding.


I'm just here for Thomas Mann.
This was one of those trailers that showed a VERY different movie than what the movie actual wise. Def on my guilty pleasure list for sure. The song on the end of the trailer is Trading Yesterday - One Day.
ok anyone know the date this comes out? or is it like a cable premium thing?.
the name of the song is called Paid- by Pusha T (feat. jeremih). it hasn't been officially released to youtube or iTunes or any hint like that, but its out. if you have a app or anything like that that allows you to acess early music it should be on there. I'm currently using a app called spinrilla to listen to it..

I'm going to ask my daughter to watch this thanks



Who played as Cisco
One of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. George amazing actor!!
The ending killed it. So happy. After all the drama. Just ends up really sappy. Foh