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Does anyone know when this movie comes out. I looked online and did find any info. I've been waiting for a mermaid horror movie to come out for year.


there are a ton of tits in this video, how is it not age restricted
Sorry, But there's an original YouTube horror short film called 'The Mermaid' that is far more impressive than this full length movie, Not to mention the full length Polish mermaid movie 'The Lure'..
I'm wary of a movie review with very few negative points.
I loved this movie it was so good 😊
Really good movie, had plenty of plot twists in it and was also pretty scary.


I’m hiding in the comments
fall in love with a sea god? no thanks I've read Dagon
I just watched the whole movie and totally regretted it. The movie made no sense whatsoever, the plot was bad, acting was bad.
La peli está buena pero muy mezclada y no se entiende la historia