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So he's got a FLIP PHONE IN 2017? How serious is that? -_-  Loneliness Square. Not a waste of money, great movie with a great message!!. best movie ever!! All I need is my snowboard that's it. something speed bowl cqbcgq television available allegation sharp. looks amazing 0 😰😢😭 This was a good movie and Robert and Michelle's kids were very bad hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Their daughter is really hot and i've never seen her before. I love Michelle Pfeiffer. I was surprised to see Tommy Lee Jones in this. It doesn't seem like Robert is gonna retire anytime soon. He did 5 movies last year.. Meow Too bad he doesn't get with that new office chic competing against him i would knock the bottom out of that.


That last part is touching tho The song at the very beginning is Can't You Hear Me Knockin by the Rolling Stones. Sad to see DeNiro doing parody roles of himself. He should do big dramas. perfect song to this! #supportourtroops @isaac haxton jk cinema Kill more incocent people all around the world..for oil..and, try to deal with it!

One day I wanna see a movie about a guy who spends lots of time on his family. Maybe he goes home for lunch a lot, and he never stays more than 40 hours a week.  And then he gets fired and they can't get by on his partners income and he sits in the employment line thinking about how nobody gets fired and is glad they didn't do more work to be competitive and spent the time on their kids instead. Because kids don't just need love. They need housing and food and money for extracurricular activities..

Watched this straight through, self indulgent yanky tripe. Shame it cold have dealt with the reasons American soldiers have to go to war in the first place. But it didn't.

Your Japanese rocks! Thanks for another great vid!

whats the name of that song at the start?

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I guess Neiman decided to join the army and become the badass Fletcher he wanted to be

Anything from De Niro is gold

I have problems with this. 1) Why does Hollywood insist on creating these movies about a man whose wife complains that he works too much where the wife acts like it's entirely her husband's choice to work long hours and not a requirement of the boss/job? I can't tell if they do this because they honestly think this is how life works for the rest of us or if they think it's realistic for an adult woman character to not understand how jobs work (or for the husband to not point out why he's working long hours when he's getting yelled at). 2) Everything I need...I already have Oh, so you don't need health insurance? Because if this takes place in America he needs to keep his health insurance or at least get another job with good health insurance. He's not going to find anything affordable if he has to pay for it himself and has a kid that's already got the cancer diagnosis. The law currently doesn't allow companies to reject you for pre-existing conditions but that doesn't mean it's going to be cheap. Also, is he the sole breadwinner in the household? Again, that's usually the case in dad works too much movies so I'm not understanding how he can just quit unless they're already sitting on a pile of savings. 3) Unexplained weight gain is a symptom of a medical problem. Unless they actually were feeding their kids a crap diet (is that why the chocolate milk line was in there?), he shouldn't have shrugged off his son's stomach getting big. Especially since the weight gain was only in his stomach. Normal weight gain is distributed all over the body even if you tend to carry most of it in specific spots. Like the doctor said, they didn't notice these symptoms? It's one thing to dismiss your own symptoms because you think they aren't that bad or you think you know what the problem is. It's another thing to deliberately ignore giant red flags in your child's health. This one's not unrealistic but it is infuriating. So basically it's a movie about a kid with cancer and neither of the parents are sympathetic characters..

This is what happened before Law Abiding Citizen???.

thank god I dont need to watch this movie

Was a good movie. The trailer was all I needed.... Thanks for showing the entire movie in a trailer. ROFL..

booooooring, i go sleep sleep now

dianna slaygron

Leonidas will not surrender

one of the best movies i've seen in recent years jajaj

Fuck. The Survival Family is a very intelligent movie that mixes dramatic and humorous elements in a balanced way. The film tells the story of a slightly estranged family consisting of a busy father, a lonely wife, an overtly sensitive daughter and an isolated son who has a crush on a popular girl at school. The first half hour of the movie shows us the everyday life routines of the four characters before a worldwide blackout drastically changes their lives. In the beginning, they believe that the power cut will be fixed within a few days but due to mysterious circumstances, this won't be the case. The four characters have to change their routines as their schools and workplaces get shut down. They ultimately decide to travel south in hope to find a place that isn't affected by the blackout and to join other members of their family who are living by the coast.. that was one of my favorite scenes of the movie Rag'n'Bone Man Human If you searching for the song name It's really stinks of theMINDFLUESS philosphy. There're many similarities: you have to slow down, look at your live carefully etc. I was absolutely sure during the scene where familly gathered together and one of the guest asked to say what they are GREATEFUL for before dinner..




When does this release?


GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN! - Guile Anupam Kher!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys, title of the song? The song at 1:21 is Nina Simone with - Feeling Good  Going to see it today The Coming Back Out Ball Movie Download youtube Part 1 DIANNA FUCKING AGRON!! ok ok all the soldiers have problens There are several elements that make this movie one of the very best of the year. First of all, the initial idea of the movie is inspiring and mysterious. The audience will constantly ask itself what it would do if it were in a similar situation. The film also remains unpredictable until the very end which adds some tension to the potpourri of dramatic and humorous elements..

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If Robert dies,I die


This Sony and Marvel Collaboration is really paying of you've got Crossovers from the Likes of Doctor Orc, Green Goblin and Hawkeye. Is this their origin story..


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