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This is important information. Click here for similar advice in Japanese: 
これは大切な情報です。 地震にそなえて

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Luckily, Osaka wasn't affected by the big earthquake that struck Japan on Friday. It's strange how life seems completely unchanged in Osaka but when you turn on the TV you see images that you'd expect to see in some disaster movie. What I find stranger is the number of people who spent the weekend watching the disaster on TV but who did nothing to prepare for the same thing happening here.


Are you ready for a major earthquake in Osaka? Is your home safe in an earthquake? Do you know what to do in an earthquake? Do you know what to do after an earthquake? Do you have an emergency pack ready for after an earthquake? If your answer to any of these questions is "no," than do something about it now!


Is your home safe in an earthquake? あなたの家は安全ですか?

1) Make sure exits from your building are not blocked. Bicycles parked near exits will fall over, making it difficult for you to get out quickly in an emergency. (But DON'T try to get out during an actual earthquake – see below!)

2) Kitchens are especially dangerous. Make sure all your glassware is behind doors.

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We use child locks to make sure our kitchen cupboards won't open in an earthquake.

3) Make sure all tall/heavy furniture is secure.

Be & Me 英会話 Clubのブログ

Braces to stop our kitchen cabinet from falling over

Do you know what do do in an earthquake?  地震の時にすべきことを知っていますか?

1) DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE! Many people are injured by tiles & pieces of buildings falling on them while they are trying to exit the building.
外へ飛び出してはいけません! 建物の外へ飛び出した人の多くが壊れた外壁などの落下物でケガをしています。

2) DO NOT USE ELEVATORS! Elevators often stop working after an earthquake. If it's a big earthquake, it could be days before anyone can rescue you.
エレベーターを使わない! エレベーターは地震発生直後に停止する場合があります。 大地震の場合は救出作業に数日かかるかもしれません。

3) GET UNDER COVER! Many injuries are caused by falling furniture, lights, and pieces of concrete dropping out of the ceiling. Get under a table or bed. Hold onto one of the legs so that it doesn't move away from you. However, if you have a piano, do not get under it – those legs are not as strong as they look.
物の下に隠れること! 倒れてくる家具や壊れた照明器具や天井の一部が落下してきてケガをする場合が多くあります。テーブルやベッドの下に隠れてください。机の脚をしっかり持って!でもグランドピアノの下はよくありません。ピアノの脚は見かけほど頑丈じゃないからです。

4) If there is no strong table near you, crouch against an inside wall or stand in a doorway. In a strong earthquake, the door can move around a lot. Lean against it so that it doesn't hit you.

5) Do not look out the window. Last Friday, workers in the building opposite Be & Me actually ran to the windows of their office and leaned up against them to get a better view of what was happening outside. If windows break, you get cut. If you're leaning against them on the 4th floor, you fall four floors to the concrete below before getting showered with broken glass!

Do you know what to do after an earthquake? 地震後にすべきことを知っていますか?

As soon as the earthquake is over, go to your front door and make sure you can open it. Leave it open. Do not go outside unless you think your building is in danger of collapsing or you are told to by someone in authority (police, fire fighters, etc.). Turn off your gas and any heaters or stoves.

Mayumi's sister lives in Saitama. Her husband works in Tokyo. On Friday, the earthquake hit at about 2:45 pm but she could not contact him until 11:00 pm. Your phones will not work after a major earthquake. You need to make a meeting plan with your family now. We have a 3-point meeting plan – first, we go to our son's school; next, our home; and finally, our local emergency evacuation area. We have visited our local evacuation area and chosen a place to meet there. Do you know where your local evacuation area is? Do you have a meeting plan? Talk to your family now!

If you are trapped in your home after an earthquake... もし家の中に閉じ込められてしまったら・・
  • Do not light a match.
  • Do not move about or kick up dust.
  • Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing.
  • Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can locate you. Use a whistle if one is available. Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause you to inhale dangerous amounts of dust.
  • マッチはすらない
  • 動き回らない
  • ハンカチなどで口をふさぐ
  • 配管や壁などをたたく - 捜索隊が気づいてくれます - 笛があれば吹く 大声で叫ぶのは危険な粉塵を吸い込む危険性があるので最後の手段です

Do you have an emergency pack?

After a major earthquake, it could be 2 or 3 days before the government can start helping you. You need to be ready to look after yourself during this time. Our family has emergency back packs in our entranceway (genkan). If we have to evacuate, we can grab them on the way out the door.

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Your emergency pack should contain the following...  非常用バッグに必要なもの・・

*Flashlight (electricity may be cut off)    懐中電灯
*Radio – battery operated            ラジオ (電池用)
*Batteries                      電池
*Cell-phone recharger (battery or hand-powered)  携帯用充電器 (電池・手動発電用)
*Whistle (to call for help)             笛
*Dust masks (there will be a lot of dust in the air from damaged buildings. A lot of this dust contains dangerous chemicals)     マスク (倒壊建物には危険な粉塵がたちこめています)
*Pocket knife          ポケットナイフ
*Space blanket         スペースブランケット
*Work gloves (you may need to move broken concrete, glass, etc.)   軍手
*Emergency cash (small notes & coins)    現金  (少額紙幣や小銭)
*Sturdy shoes, a change of clothes, clean underwear & socks, a rain coat, and a warm hat/sun hat  着替え
*Water (2 litres/person/day – that's 6 kilograms of water per person! Test carrying your bag before there's an earthquake. If it's too heavy, leave some of the water in a separate bag in the entranceway so you can come back for it if you really need to.)
水 (1日1人2リッター これは1人6キロの重さです! 地震の前に一度バッグを背負ってください。重すぎる場合は、別の袋に入れて玄関に置いておきましょう。どうしても必要になった時取りに戻ることもできます。)
*Food (we use muesli bars. They are light, long lasting, & relatively high in nutrition & energy.)  食料
*Toilet paper (TOILET PAPER!)    トイレットペーパー!!!
*Garbage bags (for the used toilet paper, etc – when you gotta go, you gotta go!)  ごみ袋
*First Aid Kit (bandages, pain killers, diarrhoea medicine, antiseptic, etc.)    救急手当て用品
*Any special medicine you may need (prescription medicine you may take for heart condition, asthma, etc.)   常備薬 (処方箋があればコピーを入れておきます)
*List of allergies to any drug (especially antibiotics) or food  薬や食品へのアレルギーのリスト
*List of emergency point-of-contact phone numbers       緊急連絡先
*Copy of health insurance and identification cards        保険証や身分証明書のコピー
*Extra eye glasses, hearing aid or other vital personal items  めがね・補聴器など
*Toothbrush and toothpaste                       ハブラシ・歯磨き粉
*Any special-needs items for children, old people & pets    子供や老人、ペットに必要なもの

Be & Me 英会話 Clubのブログ

To be honest, our emergency packs don't contain everything I've listed above, but anything is better than nothing! If you don't have an emergency pack, make one today!

もっと詳しく知りたいなら → 地震にそなえて

By the way, You can buy pre-made emergency packs from shops like Tokyu Hands. If you don't have the time to make your own pack, you should go there today.
ところで 東急ハンズなどで非常用バッグを買うこともできます。自分で準備する時間のない人は今日買いに行って下さい!

How can we help those already affected?  震災にあった人たちに何ができるのか?

Many people are wondering how they can help those people already affected by the earthquake. The short answer is "SEND MONEY!" But be careful who you send money to! Most of the banks & newspapers have set up special accounts for donations. I think you can trust them. Yesterday, I passed 2 people on the street collecting money in a bucket. Who were they? Maybe they were good people, but maybe they weren't. Also, don't trust people who ask for money through e-mails & the internet. They may be good people but ... ?

義援金について → 読売オンライン 義援金

To be prepared is to be safe!    備えあれば憂いなし!


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