These gardens add not only a beautiful, but a sort of mystical ambiance to any back yard. These are the main features that you need to consider when you are deciding to plant a moon garden. It is a good idea to add some lighting also. Finally, add some furniture to your moon garden. Another feature that will add to the relaxing ambiance of your area is the addition of either a fountain or a pond. Beyond this, you can use your creativity and imagination to put together a wonderfully magical garden that is all your own. Be certain, above all else, to choose flowers and plants that bloom in the evenings. There is one type that many individuals do not think of when they picture a garden, and these are moon gardens. Place the furniture where you and your guests are sure to get the best view of your area. There are many homeowners that use a portion of their yard to start a garden and grow flowers and vegetables. They incorporate plants and other features that bloom and come to life in the evenings as opposed to the daytime like typical gardens. Most of the flowers that are chosen to plant in a moon garden are white. It would be beneficial to incorporate either a bench or a couple of chairs and possibly a table as a place to sit and relax in the evenings. This will illuminate the features that you decide to place in the garden that are not as readily visible only in the moonlight. There are some tips that you should consider when you decide to start growing your own moon garden.. This is because they show up bright against the dark background of the night when the light of the moon shines on them. This is extremely important because choosing ones that open only during the day won't work out in your moon garden. When deciding on which flowers and plants to grow in your moon garden, there are a couple of rules to follow that will ensure that your garden will look beautiful on a moonlit evening. The reflection of the moonlight in the water is amazing. Lighting works well for casting light on a water fountain, strategically placed rocks or paths, and furniture. Most people have some sort of plant life or vegetation in their yard, or even on their windowsill.