Have you ever wonder what are the things that you can use as a fertiliser to your palm plants except the fertiliser that already in the store. Well, there are a lot of other things that has been used as the usual fertiliser in the palm industry. However, if you look at the effectiveness of these natural fertiliser, it is still doubtful if they are really works or not. Some people find it effective, whereas some don’t. So as a beginner to this palm plants agriculture field, what are the fertiliser you should use must be a never ending question?



Let me begin with this “homemade fertiliser”. The usual fertiliser that has been used by many those days are tea residue, dry seaweed, dolomite limestone, cottonseed kernel oil and ground animal bones. Most of those days people who before the generation Y use these homemade items as a fertiliser, and they believe that these natural items will provide sufficient nutrients for the palm tree. However, all that belief is a myth actually, the homemade fertiliser is never enough for the palm tree. No matter how much homemade fertiliser you put into your palm tree, it will not be sufficient. Even though you mix more than one fertiliser into the palm tree.

Another thing, it is workable in those days due to the soil condition which was still full of micronutrients that we barely see nowadays. In that condition, even a few homemade fertilisers able to make the palm tree grew successfully whereas now the situation is not the same, many do not have good soil like those days. Hence, it is difficult to grow the palm tree by just using the homemade fertiliser.

Lastly, you need to identify the type of palm tree that you have on your farm so that you can buy fertiliser for palm plants in malaysia that is suitable for your plant.