You know I sometimes write this blog in English.

Then I can't use my words easily.
and I can't use my words naturally.

This time, when I use English,
I have spoken, heard, thought more consciously and carefully than usual.

So I know I lives in not reality but my idea
and I don't know everything without my idea what I have experienced or imagined.

Usually I have touched the world around me unconsciously,
It can be said Automatically.

We usually are not interested in how we touch the world,why we touch the world.
but we are interested in what to do against the world or what not to against the world.

Therefore we forget the process about touching the our world around us.
That process are
first thing is to feel by our senses
second thing is to mean about that feeling
third thing is to realize that meaning
fourth thing is to reacting to that realizing.

This forgetting is good to live our life.
If we always think about these process,
we are anxious about our world ...I wonder if this world that I know is true?

Almost Out idea is true for our usually life.

But if we lives in not good situation,
Our treasure for change to recover and success is in this "Almost".

So I say "We lives in not reality but our idea."

If the our part of reality is our idea, that reality can be changed.

This things means We can have the choice about realty, and choice about change our world.

You think that it is so wonderful,do you ?

We have many choice to live our life.
If the choice can be decrease,That is only our idea about our world.
...I think so.

If we can think all things, not only good things but bad things - even neutral things,
are our choice what I think about our reality "Now"
I notice how many chances of success I have been able to have.

I think that is good to know.
How about you?

Thank you.

See you next week.