Hello, I’m Takako. 
How did you yesterday? 
I had a yoga class. 
After that I went to a cafe near the Ogaki station with Sebastian.
We walked to the shop, we noticed the festival in station street. 
It was “the Hatsuratsu market “. 

We went to it, because I had never seen it. 
 There were many branch stores, I enjoyed to seeing thoses.
I bought a sweet potato chips.

Off course we went to a cafe.
The store specializes tastes of coffees.
We love coffee.  He always rostes  beans for drinking fresh coffee.

And We could select beans, and coffee caps in the store. 
He chosed Gatemara,  I chosed Ruwanda. 
Look at the pictures of cups.
Who did select  a cup? 
We were enjoyed coffee good aroma and taste!
He chosed one.

This was a mine.

We told about next lesson plan....
We are looking forward to have lessons!

And about our future.... 
We have many many dreams.  
Everything we can imagine is real!!