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HublessHUB皆がTop of the world!



All audience of the world tru. the internet. Here we live in Japan, the former capital nation in the Asian region if it exists. My message is not for a small number of persons, bat for all civilized person of the world.


I 'm feeling very unhappy to against old Japanese nationalist and racist here in Japan. They looked everywhere on internet world especially in domestic, bat sometimes in overseas. I feel it's very sorry to Asian Friends, They must feel it very rude for them at all.


Especially, their attitude is entirely coming from there lack of normal common sense and world-wide moral. They live in their own small world and there world is all world they think so...I just find this matter tru.. international website on last day and made this message. thanks for all.









SulamatoSalamat, Raya=Big I know, then Nusantara..ay waran magagama haha Let me ask U about Nusantara again it's means? by the way, Are U from Indonasia ? If so aku berukunaran dungan anda.


Ahmad Fauzi7 時間前

白石欣 Nusantara Raya means islands in South East Asia, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Southern Thailand, and Timor Leste


Ahmad Fauzi7 時間前

白石欣 but Nusantara means Indonesia only


白石欣7 時間前

Sorry ho, I New that 2 nations belonged same islands grope.I understood. but need more histrical matters. anyway, with mother tong ,They can comunicate or not??

Ahmad Fauzi24 分前

白石欣 They can communicate, but difficult


白石欣7 分前

Thank you very much for understandings, maramin maramin salamat ho.


I see bat last day in Kyoto,I talked Malaysian grope of tourists. They also 100% ok by Bahasa Indonesia.