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I had written them upward but I explain again. I now working as a factory worker. but I got some skills, so I made up my mind to Challenge again, that all I can tell you. Maybe you afraid or doubt about me, but it may have happened and nothing to do to me. Therefore I hope my appearance make give you the answer. I want it will have happened. As a former analyst that I can say is this market has developed very quickly, and need more skillful personnel. It must be Japanese is best.coz all customer from over sea they prefer Japanese hosts at all.I'd like to share an idea with you about this. The customer wants every time something new. We must provide any time, it must be the basement of this business that I think. 
This kind of business always needed the satisfaction of customer at all. It must make us expand of business. If I can help you with something, I will be very happy. coz I want my skills to contribute to society again.and want to change something. If I can do something with you, I will do my best at all. I know the northern part in Kyoto, in mountain regions, there are many nice scenes there. such as ”Hachou-data” or Abandoned village of hachou I had ever visited.and more. There must be many places have to wait for us.
I hope if any chance I have, we'd like to conversate together on how to maximize my contribution to the company and business.and what can do for you. My life basically depends on my voice of mind always. Someone guide me until now. Read by someone. It is strange matter but true at least by my self. So according to the inner voice I pic you upped. It true. The closing limit now coming, so Thanks again to take times


(Short versioin)

Hello sir, I have found your then registered here. I now work in the only factory. But fortunately, I had great progress in English skills so I decided to find any other job opotunities.I'm still old but very healthy and hope continual work. Speaking may be almost native. And others Tagalog is possible. and small China.  I like to make conversate with many national persons very much. coz I tried to do so in my factory!at all. 

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