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Recently I checked @draft_life in my twitter account after a long interval. Then I found a following interesting comment against my topic "Zeusのお披露目?それよりサービス内容でしょ!" in Draft life with blog.

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Ryota-san said My topic is crazy because SW emulator cannot be implemented in Zeus!
If he is right, Zeus may have HW emulator device except for Snapdragon @Qualcomm and this device is dedicated to play PS game. It means real Dual-processor.

In my topic I guessed Zeus will have SW emulator for PS game because I had already known the following movie in YouTube. This had been uploaded on 7th July 2010. This truth means we can play PS game without HW emulation device on Zeus. It's important for developers and wonderful for Android users.

Perhaps the implementation of SW emulator is easier than HW implementation on Android system, because dual-cpus which are designed by different vendor are not easy to control each other. Shared memory between 2 CPUs? No way! But Ryota-san said my guess is crazy. So he is GPS engineer and is conversant with HW maybe.
So I guess he may be Sony Ericsson engineer otherwise he cannot make that assertion unhesitatingly. Let's check his tweet from now. I cannot write this Blog without "guess","assume" and "think".

Well,This mystery will be solved in Mobile World Congress 2011 and I think his tweet is reflexive opposition w/o consideration. dildo brain LOL