M-FACTORY KICKBOXING GYM AMEMURA | 大阪発のキックボクシングジム M-Factoryアメ村ジム ダイエットにも最適!なんば・心斎橋から駅近【M-FACTORYアメ村ジム】

大阪発のキックボクシングジム M-Factoryアメ村ジム ダイエットにも最適!なんば・心斎橋から駅近【M-FACTORYアメ村ジム】

大阪のキックボクシングジム M-Factoryアメ村ジムです。キックボクシングは心身の鍛錬だけでなく、ダイエットにも最適です!



This kickboxing gym was founded in 2004 in the American Village in Shinsaibashi Osaka aiming to be the place that even women or beginners can comfortably enjoy working out. 

You can try kick boxing just like going to a fitness gym to release your stress or to control your weight. 

M-FACTORY Kickboxing's program consists of some great elements of Muay Thai and kickboxing.

It is very hard for many people to keep going to a gym and working out alone. But we have many positive reviews from members who were able to keep coming to M-FACTORY after they started kickboxing. 

We have group lessons and personal lessons. 

In a group lesson, members find a partner and work out together. Working out with someone makes a touch training easier. 

In a personal lesson, you will work out with a trainer. You can ask anything unclear on the spot and focus on your training without distraction. 


Doutonborihaitsu the second floor, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0086, Japan



Business hours: 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.

* Hours may be different depending on the day

* Closed on Mondays

Nearest station:

Five minute walk from Namba Station on the Midosuji Line, Osaka Metro

For residents in Japan...

Group lesson or free training courses:

One day/week course: ¥6,400 per month

Two days/week course: ¥7,500 per month

Four days/month course: ¥7,000 per month

Master course: ¥10,800 per month

Master course, one year prepaid: ¥81,600

Master course, half year prepaid: ¥45,000

Personal lesson courses:

Visitors: ¥8,640

Four tickets: ¥25000, valid for 70 days

10 tickets: ¥60,000, valid for six months

30 tickets: ¥165,000, valid for one year

For travelers and those on business trips...

Group lesson courses for travel & business trip use:

One lesson/One hour of free training: ¥2,160

One day use, lesson/free training: ¥3,240

Two days' use, lesson/free training: ¥5.400

3 days' use, lesson/free training: ¥7,000

Personal kick boxing lesson for travelers and business trippers:

Beginner course One 50-minute lesson - 4320 yen 

This includes a lesson on basic actions and mitt training.

Experienced course One 50-minute lesson - 5400 yen

This includes light one-to-one practice on defense and mass sparring.

Necessary items for joining the above courses:

ID card, passport, or ID card issued by your country of origin

credit card and cash

bank cash card

For customers residing in Japan, these items are necessary only if you are applying for monthly membership.

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