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The fashion statement of summer is quite simple Be Comfortable and stylish as usual. Here are the top 5 urban fashion picks (accessories) of the summer.

1)Snazzy trinkets its summer time and everybody seems to bask in Sun with their whites on them. So to speak a nautical fest of sorts kicks off during summer time. Not far behind the trend is the sailor (nautical) jewelry. Yes, this ones first on the list of urban fashion picks. These nautical trinkets can be carried along anything. Be it bracelets, necklaces, zips of handbags or cell phone covers, these trinkets enliven up the same old accessories. This one deserves to be on the top slot of urban fashion picks.

2)Sun sign Its summer and the Suns soaring high. Aries are arrogant, Virgin are beautiful etc are those typical planet alignment statements weve read in those astrological columns of the daily. Bearing your Sun sign is trendy; it rightly places a second on the list of urban breitling bentley fashion picks. Zodiac signs on T-shirts, symbols shaped pendants; elegant charms like the bracelets can be the right urban fashion picks for the coming summer. Its your star sign, its your urban fashion pick. Show off your zodiac sign with pride!

3)Headbands Headbands is the hottest of the urban fashion picks! Celebrities do adore this accessory and sportspersons live with it! Headbands are one of the urban fashion picks where you can have a plethora of choices. You can select on the varying sizes of headbands the wide headbands to spruce up messy hair or some classy thin ones being few eminent ones. The designs of headbands add more zing to it. Handcrafted designs look savvy too. Asymmetrical headbands with cascading metal work (the wedding headbands kind) can be pulled off eloquently by anyone.

4)Hats and caps Hats and caps are more of a need during summers and if its stylish further, then it can create wonders to the way you look! Caps are indeed the most necessary accessory out of the lot of urban fashion picks. Caps, as usual come in varying styles and sizes. The logos and designs on them can be a representation of you! Sporty baseball caps, the bigger breitling superocean cotton cap with a short brim that goes well with jeans and tees are worthy examples. Hats are another essential urban fashion pick. Girls cut that heat and make boys turn around to look at your hat. There are many in-trends that can be grabbed. The straw hat with martinis in the brim goes with every place- be it a formal party or a street fest!

5)Espadrilles They say to judge a person, you just have to look at the persons shoes. Espadrilles are the urban fashion pick without which ones urban look isnt complete. The low heeled slip ons, high heeled leather ones, handmade cotton or jeans espadrilles or casual shoes should be few options that should get you upright on thinking about this urban fashion pick.

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