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There is no word like figure flaw with the dictionary of fashion. It is so because it has magical tool to turn every flaw into an asset. Dress is the fact tool. Every figure flaw and asset has some dress styles made specifically for them. Here we will choose into account broad shoulders, which are looked upon being a flaw by many women but not anymore!

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Women do not like broad shoulders as they represent masculine physique. But in the event you know there are many celebrities and super models having broad shoulders and still walk on the ramp. It means having broad and broad shoulders is not a matter of feeling shame. Even still you can actually look soft and feminine. The challenge to flatter broad shoulders is accomplished by selecting the right style dress styles.

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It always essential to know which dress styles suit you and which do not. This article will also state the same for broad shoulders. Let go by using it to know a great deal more.

Appropriate dress styles for broad shoulders Broad shoulders do not mean you have to hide them at any cost. If having toned body you could easily show off your shoulders. It helps in producing your shoulders glance proportional towards the rest of your figure. Halter dresses are appropriate wear for and appearance fabulous.

Deep neckline dresses are apt for broad shouldered women as they draw eyes downwards and create an illusion of length and make upper element look slimmer.

Dark colors are great helping hand in hiding what you do not want to show and light colors do just the opposite. Thus wear dark coloration tops on upper element in order to disguise broad shoulders and gentle colors on bottom element. Long tops, long jackets, long coats etc are good enough for broad shouldered women. Wearing an item long on top aspect helps to draw the eye downwards, thus require away the focus from shoulders.

Wear dresses having kimono, dolman and raglan sleeves, as these are great at hiding broad shoulders. Be away from puff sleeves, gathered sleeves and big sleeves as they simply magnify shoulders. If want to wear a fitted sleeve make a point it sits slightly in from natural shoulder line.

Inappropriate dress styles for broad shoulders First of all avoid any kind of detailing at shoulder portion. For example, shoulder pads, epaulettes, lace, embroidery, design etc. They are simply a nightmare for broad shoulders as they make them look bulky than they actually are. Do not wear boat neckline dresses as they add width to broad shoulders, thus make them appear larger.

Avoid dresses with shiny fabrics, loud prints and overly bright colors in order to detract attention from broad shoulders. Thin spaghetti strap dresses should be averted by broad shouldered women. They do not fit in proportion to them. On the other hand, wide strap dresses looks flattering on broad shoulders. Jackets with skinny lapels make shoulders look and feel broader, hence avoid them. Instead go for extensive lapels jackets to appear proportional.

All the above points direct mean to say that now there is no have to hide or disguise broad shoulders when there are fantastic alternative i.e. flattering dress styles. Enjoy remaining broad shouldered and appear them as an asset.