Make you break eye bags


Rain boots can also be brought when the Hand Bag

Yellow rain boots, this package too good to do, and it seems as long as the upper two put a finger on the dig the hole on the list. Yellow rain boots bag with yellow suit, feeling a lot of flavor, this is not nobility, can enjoy the privileges, as long as you are not afraid of that tissue Cazui from the shoe will feel strange, you can create a variety of colored rain boots bags.

The most cost-effective body sculpting underwear Bianshen bags

You gotten thinner in body sculpting clothing, no, it will only make you put cell phone, wallet, keys, tissues, perfume, powder hand Bag. Enough unique shape and texture also looks good, but this kind of "body" must be very able to hold things. Imagine you are from this bag out of the corset where cell phone to answer the phone, you will be surprised to attract the attention of all those present.

No one Freeze my cheese packets

This is my favorite, watching it so there are appetite! Carrying it to the streets, would like to unbeaten home is immune. However, it appears that it looked do not know where the opening, probably at the bottom of the bar, in order not to undermine the overall shape of cheese and placed there as like a craft. "Stop! Nobody Freeze my cheese!"

Cover art can also be Bianshen

That's too the art of! If it is not on the lid next to it is hard to imagine what it is made of imitation. At present, many people like to back large pack the streets, the young kids are even more who like Doraemon, HelloKitty, SpongeBob SquarePants and other childish big face pack, if the change made to carry that took to the streets, some more COOL, the best matched with an imitation of The outfit is even more alien children in Van.

All Girl are no "b" does not Huan, speaking of France b F "agnè s b.", in particular sections of the Japanese version of Tote Bag, has always been famous treasure parallel Dipu Town shops.

The agnè s b. limit the sale of Japan's new Vice-line "To b.", fun to do a selling point on the color, number was to make young girls heart. Although the Japanese Cikuan limited goods, but there are parallel imports into the Japanese store Isetan there is limited ability of the models, respectively, pink ab. Monogram and black mini-ab. Monogram, while the black mini-ab. Monogram design on the increase The capacity of the bag and replaced by thick shoulder strap.

It is understood that Cikuan an already sold in Japan, drying off, even if a special trip to fly to Japan are not necessarily looking to buy, is really a benefit of its people!

Sofia Coppola Design LV handbags

Recently, the fashion circle hot-thing Louis Vuitton and the young female director Sofia Coppola cooperation. For her Louis Vuitton designed Louis Vuitton Χ Sofia Coppola range of shoes and handbags, practical style with luxurious materials, will be Louis Vuitton low-key luxury and Sofia Coppola simple elegance together and reinforce each other, is expected to set off a wave of buying.

Sofia Coppola said she LV in a visit to the factory in France Asnieres a lie after the decision ordering the Department in cooperation with the LV. "At first I just want to give their own tailor-made a handbag, and then we talk about design some new products." She candidly reveal, "I and my friends always looking for a good-looking and practical handbag, not too much should not be too heavy, just a good fit in all things. "She also said that like the classic rather in the fashion," I think the classic leather bags from the LV series can be ordered a day out street handbags, rather than the pursuit of LV is a fashionable brand . "

She even, and LV's designers spent a year at the time, is to create the best design, "We thought a lot of design, very interesting, I always want to add some of those programs to create a new design new models. "

Hard work pays off eventually, they have designed a 4 SC Handbag: A building with dark gray suede, two with the dark blue and purple calfskin to create, as well as a canvas with the LV Logo with a build. Sofia Coppola also designed with four slim-type mobile LV classic button-grip package, In addition, she stated that the design Shihai think of the "Fashion Heroine" Lauren Hutton, so he designed a portable canvas larger LV grip package.