Why would I like to leave my child? I will have been the operation and management my drink snack bar, Ladies' BAR HIDEO MIYASHITA celebrates 16 years next January. I have passed 13 years in the last month started a transvestite. I would like to thank here. Why would I like to leave my child? I have not got married yet and a child is not. From now on, are due to get married, and a child also wants. I will get married if it passes over 60. When the child is 20 years old, I am 80 years old. Myself and others understand that it is not realistic. Would you like why do make it a thing to there and to make a child aside from the marriage? Naturally you think so. Let's speak about that reason! It received raw from parents as man at this world. I also leave posterity, and receive and the duty exists. I would like to spend both time, to share and to go, seeing my child's face, receiving and ascertaining my child's growth. Whether it grows into a however splendid human being however possible work may be, or a contribution is possible for a world, and even if considered only as half a man's share as man, there is no method. There is a cause-and-effect gravity in things. And there are beginning and the end. I have to undertake the compensation in which broke the principle principle and it lived. Now, even if good, the spirit and preparedness which are useful by lifelong activity to 100 years old are required for me. It is Hideo Miyashita #あなた #愛しています #生きよう #知徳一体 #知性と教養

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