At 6 o'clock, people around Sunday night street market STOPPED all of sudden and listened to Thai national anthem 🇹🇭 🐘  They do this everyday at 8am and 6pm.
We certainly have different customs, don't we.
Saturday evening, also I encountered even more odd scenery in Silver Temple, Wat Srisuphan, where I visited through my extended walk from the Saturday walking market,
While I was alone in the large, not the silver building, a loud voice in English via speakers was making announcements, "Please join us. Come and join us." And then 30 to 40 people walked in at once and grabbed chairs. 
At the moment, I sat down with them as I thought maybe we were gonna chant. However, everyone took a piece of string that was hanging from above and began wrapping it around their head.

I am not kidding. Proof submitted here. 
Quite not sure what was going to happen, but I didn't feel comfortable there not to participate so I exited to outside.
What do you believe?
Who do you follow?

Ah there is one more thing.
At some Thai temples, women are not allowed to enter, and this silver temple is one of them.
This Sat evening, a Chinese girl took her shoes off, headed toward Buddha inside, and walked passed a praying person. The person praying started yelling, and two men who were inside brought her back outside. 

I remember I was yelled too in Kawachi Nagano, Osaka. My friend was a part of Danjiri Mikoshi carriers, and he asked me to take good photos. I grabbed Mikoshi to get a high perspective and that action caused a fuss. Some men were seriously upset and scary.
Recently Trump visited Mecca Jerusalem that also prohibits women, of which I felt  jelly at the greatness of gender unfairness. Why does anybody let such a terrible peron touch your precious objects but not life bearing women whom you actually depend on?
Not sure in what words Gods discriminated women though, women power is on a rise these days.
Watch out for changes, old school boys.