First, I had to get mosquito repeller, and I got this ARS mat. Hope this would work.
Then I petted a stray cat with also strange Thai lady, and headed toward Tu Rang market.
it's rainning here in Phuket, so I walked around with a rain jacket. Waiting for the weather to permit me going on a motor bike.
The market is fantasic, overstimurating!!
Veggies, sweets, hot sauce, sea food,
and what is that; how do they eat this?
Is that ???
My late yet yummy breakfast😚
Khao mun gai chicken with moo dang pork over rice was 50 baht at a clean delish place. 
I blend in untill someone speaks to me Thai, and I get super sweat in this humidity. キョロキョロ

滝汗 I could use a shower every hour! 
And it looks wet week with showers and thunderstorms!雷

Still, I am happy being Thailand! 照れ
Bring it, rain!! 流れ星


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