Some Americans' articles and blogs mention that Thai women dress very conservatively. 

Those said to avoid tank tops, spaghetti tops, or super shorts that reveal too much skin.  They also wrote to refrain from wearing tightly fitted clothes, as well as see-through materials. Wrinkled or holed fabrics are disliked by Thai people, they wrote.
Are these all true?? キョロキョロ
Isn't it too hot and humid to cover up?
I haven't seen such comments from a Japanese writer, however, whenever I see "Japanese coordinates" photos, I feel that they are wearing very loose clothes. Both tops and bottoms appear very wide and large to my eyes that are used to Bay area fashion.
In bayarea, people wear anything, but noting that large.
Many folks are wearing old T shirts or active/sports wear to work, millionaires and non-workers alike. In between them, we find very fashionable folks, yet all in their own tastes.
Some people show up at work in very sexy clothing, some in very simple, and some in cat/dog  fur covered shirt/fleece.猫犬
Well, I threw away some "lacey" attire at this opportunity of packing for Thailand visit, according to the Thai standards I read online.
Looking forward to arriving and seeing Thailand folks myself. ニヤリ
A few more hours away to Thailand.

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